Explore Overseas Internship Options

With 60 percent of employers looking for international experience in their potential new hires*, it is increasingly more important for students to study abroad. SUNY Oswego offers a variety of options to fit any student's academic needs and interests. Participants can take courses:

  • in English in English speaking countries,
  • in English in non-English speaking countries, and
  • in the host country language.

In addition, liberal arts and science students have the opportunity to participate in internships while overeas. These internships are specific to their major or minor and add a real world, hands-on experience to an already life changing opportunity.

STEM Opportunities
Students in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields have additional research opportunities in the form of our Global Laboratory programs. 

Course offerings by major or minor
Below are links to our programs that offer courses in specific subject areas.
Note: Students are NOT limited to taking courses in their major or minor while overseas.

Cognitive science
Computer Science
Earth sciences
Electrical and computer engineeringEnglish and creative writing
HistoryHuman development

Modern Languages:
Arabic | Chinese | French | German | Italian | Japanese

Physics Political science
PsychologyPublic justice
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Advisement and course approval
If you are interested in taking business courses while abroad, it is good to start this conversation with your advisor. You my also contact a faculty liason for your major or minor department.

Students must receive approval of their courses by their respective major or minor advisor using the Course approval form (PDF).  Non-Oswego students may use their home campus' equivalent. 

*National Association of Colleges and Employers, Job Outlook Study 2012