Maybe you have committed to a program, maybe you are still reasearching your options. Either way, it is important to make sure you know what kind of coursework and experiential learning opportunities will be available to you on your program of choice. Education abroad is a lot of fun, but first and foremost, it is an academic experience! Here are some common questions and answers to consider. 

Will my program coursework count toward my degree?
Yes, successfully completed coursework taken on a SUNY-sponsored program will count as credits toward degree completion for SUNY students. For SUNY Oswego students on SUNY Oswego programs, the credits will appear on your transcript as credits taken at SUNY Oswego. For SUNY Oswego students on another SUNY's program, the credits will appear on your transcript as transfer credit from the SUNY school hosting your program. 

Will my program coursework count toward my major/minor/electives/etc.?
For SUNY Oswego students, coursework taken abroad on a SUNY-sponsored program can count toward the requirements for your major or minor if your academic advisor or the department chair approves the course as an approved equivalency. Because there are so many programs and courses available to you throughout the SUNY study abroad network, it is impossible to have all courses pre-approved with their SUNY Oswego equivalencies in every case. In some cases, coursework can fulfill a few different course equivalencies at your home campus, much like on-campus coursework is often cross-listed across disciplines. 

For non-Oswego students, please check with your home campus regarding how your program coursework will apply to your degree. 

How do I know what the course equivalencies for my coursework will be?
Every SUNY Oswego student will complete an Off-Campus Study Approval Form with their advisor, department chair, or general education advisor depending on their program coursework. Without this completed form your overseas grades cannot be processed at the end of your program. 

Completing the Off-Campus Study Approval Form with your advisors is a discussion and you should come prepared with as much information as you can about the coursework you plan to take on your program such as course descriptions, syllabi, and the number of credits awarded (as well as how those credits compare to US credits). More information about credit equivalencies can be found your online study abroad application in the "Learning Content" section titled "General Program Information."

In most cases, course offerings, course descriptions, and course syllabi are linked in the online program brochure webpage for each program when it is available. In some instances, limited information is available before arrival to your program location. If you need more information, ask your program coordinator and they can work with the overseas institution to inquire about the possibility of accessing more detailed information on the course(s) you are interested in. 

What if my courses change after I have already completed and submitted the Off-Campus Study Approval Form?
That's okay! You are always able to submit an updated version of the form if there are changes to the coursework you enroll in on your program. For example, maybe you arrive to your overseas orientation and find out there is a new course offered this semester that you have the opportunity to join. Just make sure to keep in communication with your academic advisors through email to discuss these changes. You must also be sure to complete and submit an updated Off-Campus Study Approval Form, signed by the correct advisors/department chairs, for all coursework you take in order to process your grades at the end of your program. 

Note: For Faculty Advising Students
Thank you for taking the time to advise and inform prospective study abroad students. Please visit our Course Approval Instructions page for further instructions on the course approval process and the role/responsibility of an academic advisor in this process. Please contact the Office of International Education with any questions about the course approval process.