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Clicker Set Up

Campus standard: In spring 2012, a committee of faculty and staff selected i>clicker as the campus standard clicker. If you plan to use clickers in class, please order  the i>clicker+ from the college bookstore. The use of the campus standard clicker ensures that students may buy a clicker and use it in multiple classes. Also, be sure to contact Bill Canning to ensure that a clicker receiver will be available and installed in your classroom.

Clicker Overview

Clickers, also known as personal response systems, have been used extensively in many colleges in recent years.  A growing body of evidence indicates that, when used appropriately, clickers can be effective in enhancing student engagement and learning.

Best practice:

Geosocial Media: The Web Goes Hyperlocal

The fastest-growing digital communication phenomena are location-based geosocial media and augmented reality. Geosocial platforms like Foursquare, Gowalla and SCVNGR find users checking in, connecting and exchanging information about sites from bars to beaches, cafes to college campuses. Even the biggest social media player is involved with the launch of Facebook Places. Augmented reality applications like Layar and Yelp provide additional layers of user-provided information projected onto the world around you.