Concept Mapping


Concept Mapping is an alternative to using an outline format in academic studies. Instead of a linear state, concept maps are graphical tools that help to organize and represent knowledge. Concepts are outlined in boxes of some sort and associated with other concepts with linking lines. Words are written on the "linking line," which specify the relationship between the concept. This way of organizing information allows for each concept to associated with many other concepts.

Creating Concept Maps in Google Docs:

Concept maps can be created in Google Docs using the Drawing feature to insert shapes, lines, and text. These maps can be stored on Google Drive for free for an unlimited amount of time, and can be exported into many different file types.

Online Resources:

Free Web-Based Tools:

  • - runs in Flash
  • Prezi - upgrade for a fee, also commercial desktop software for Win/Mac/Linux

Free Desktop Software:

Commercial Desktop Software: