Clicker Set Up

Campus standard: In spring 2012, a committee of faculty and staff selected i>clicker as the campus standard clicker. If you plan to use clickers in class, please order  the i>clicker+ from the college bookstore. The use of the campus standard clicker ensures that students may buy a clicker and use it in multiple classes. Also, be sure to contact Bill Canning to ensure that a clicker receiver will be available and installed in your classroom.

Setting up i>clicker for first time use

  1. Download  i>clicker  (v. 7.26 - released 1/11/2021) configured for SUNY-Oswego (Windows or Windows/Mac version - (not yet available) and unzip this to a usb drive.
  2. Go to the directory containing these files on your usb drive and double click on iclicker. (if this is your first use, you will be asked to register your email with i>clicker.) Select "+Create", and define your course title, number and section  number.
  3. Highlight your newly defined class and select "Choose".
  4. Click on "Settings".
  5. On the General tab, enter the id of your instructor remote (found on the label on the back).; select the drop down for "Show frequency alert message" and set this to "Not at all."
  6. On the Registration tab, fill in your contact information (if not already filled in)
  7. On the Mobile tab, enable "IClicker Reef" and follow instructions on this page if you wish to allow students to use mobile devices (log in using your email if you have done this previously).
  8. On the Gradebook tab, select your course (this requires that you have already set up Blackboard integration - if you have not, come back and do this later). It is recommended that you select "Only sync remote registrations with students in your LMS" and "Upload zero scores as zero." Once all students have registered their clickers, you may wish to also select "Upload Ab (absent) scores as zero. (A better solution is to have Blackboard treat missing gradebook scores as zero - beginning on the first use of clickers. This will encourage students to register their clickers and the missing grades will be replaced when you next sync your roster and scores.)
  9. Ignore the Roll Call tab
  10. On theToolbar tab, used the Normal size (this may be changed later). You may select "Count down" or "Count up."  Select "Count down" if you wish to have the polling automatically end after a specified interval (1:00 - 1:30 is recommended, this can be changed later). Select "Count up" if you want to terminate the polling yourself (and not give the students a visualcount down to the end of the poll).
  11. On the scoring tab, enter the number of points for session participation, response points (for all responses, correct or incorrect) and the points for correct response.
  12. Leave the other tabs unchanged initially (you may change these settings later). Click on "Save".
  13. When ready to use this in class, reload i>clicker, select the class, and click on Start Session. Use the remote to begin questions and to display responses.

Setting up i>clicker / Blackboard integration

Information on setting up Blackboard integration for your course is available in this short video.

    If you need assistance, please contact John Kane (