TA or not TA

C. Hirsch has worked with between four and six undergraduate TAs for the past 4 years in the large lecture COM 100 course.  This workshop will feature lessons learned; pros and cons of working with undergraduate TAs; some basic suggestions for large lecture classroom management; and finally Five Reasons to work with Undergraduate TAs. 

Understanding Budgets

Jack Gelfand, Director of ORSP and Maria Nakamura, Associate Director, will discuss the various components of budgets that are submitted with proposals to outside agencies. Though ORSP will prepare your budget when you submit a proposal, it helps to understand the approximate cost of various activities when planning your program. They will also discuss state and federal regulations and their impact on budget computations.

We will also be streaming this workshop into Second Life at:

So Do I Have to Put in All the Commas?: What's It Mean to Teach 'Writing Across the Curriculum'?

This workshop is intended both for instructors new to teaching courses in departmental Writing Plans and for those who've been teaching writing-intensive courses for a while but are unsure about the role of writing in those courses.  We will review the college's guidelines and rationale for Writing Across the Curriculum courses and make some very general suggestions about what WAC instructors might hope to accomplish with student writers.  Participants are encouraged to bring along any assignments, rubrics, student work - or anything else - they'd like to work on or enter into discussion.

What Do the Students Say?: Results of the WAC Survey of Undergraduates on Writing.

A short report of the results of a survey administered last spring by the Writing Across the Curriculum Steering Committee of undergraduates on writing, to be followed by an open-ended discussion of writing on campus, inside and outside the WAC requirement.

You may also participate in this workshop in Second Life at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SUNY%20Oswego/79/154/30.

Winter Breakout Sessions - 2009

Monday, January 12

Session I

Time: 9:00 - 10:30

Session Title: "Getting Started in Second Life"

Presenter: John Kane

Room: CC 206

This is a hands-on workshop designed for those that are just starting in Second Life. It will focus on customizing your avatar, basic navigation, and how to find people, places, and events.

Session II:

Time: 10:45 - 12:15

Session Title: "Educational Uses of Second Life"

Presenters: John Kane

Room: CC 206