Large-Class Instruction Faculty Learning Community

The large-class instruction faculty learning community is a group of faculty members that will meet regularly to discuss methods of more effectively encouraging student learning in a large-class environment. The meetings, though, are open to anyone interested in a particular topic. Some of the possible topics that may be considered this year include:

  • active-learning techniques
  • assessment beyond multiple choice exams
  • discussions
  • classroom decorum
  • use of laptops by students
  • how to motivate / engage / interest students
  • technology support
  • importing clicker data to ANGEL
  • grading with clickers

April 18 meeting topic: "Techniques for Engaging Students" - Bring examples of activities that have been effective in engaging student interest.
February 28 meeting topic: "Using clickers in the classroom" - discussion leaders: John Kane and Paul Tomascak.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact John Kane or Paul Tomascak.