Services and support

The Department of Campus Life offers a number of services and support to students, faculty and staff. These services are listed below underneath their corresponding areas within Campus Life.

MAIN OFFICE 135 Marano Campus Center, 315.312.2301

  • Marano Campus Center, Hewitt Union, Sheldon Hall & Campus Information
  • Marano Campus Center Lost & Found

EVENTS MANAGEMENT 135 Marano Campus Center, 315.312.2301

  • A/V Services and Room Set-ups
  • Event Planning and Support
  • Facility Reservations

CAMPUS RECREATION 101 Lee Hall, 315.312.3114

  • Facility Reservations
  • Campus Recreation Student Advisory Council

THE POINT 131 Marano Campus Center, 315.312.5420

  • ALANA Student Leadership Conference
  • Leadership Development Series
  • Guidance and Advisement to Student Organizations
  • Advisement of Greek Council
  • Interpretation of Policies and Procedures
  • New Student Club/Organization Start-up Kit
  • Organization Advisors Training
  • Online Directory of Student Organizations
  • Student Organization Registration and Renewal
  • Risk Management Training
  • Student Involvement Fair
  • Student Involvement Awards
  • Student Organization Development