Event planner role

As you plan your event, remember that the Event Management Office has adopted a clearinghouse approach to allocating finite space and resources wisely. Providing support for the planning and implementation of events and activities is critical to meeting the curricular and co-curricular needs of our campus community. We will assist every event sponsor by providing valuable information and coordination, including:

  •  space availability
  • setup and arrangement of furniture and other equipment
  • events already scheduled that could detract from an event being planned
  • inter- and intra-event coordination
  • staff availability
  • catering and food service
  • audio/visual equipment availability and setup
  • custodial and cleaning services
  • electrical, telephone and networking needs
  • police, parking and traffic control
  • signage
  • ADA and other accessibility considerations
  • inter-departmental communication
  • inclement weather contingencies
  • fire safety, liability, and other risk management considerations.                                                        

To aid the campus community in its event planning efforts, the Event Management staff has assembled our top 8 tips for planning a successful event.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or just stop by. Happy planning!

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