8 tips from your Event Management staff

 To aid the campus community in its event planning efforts, the Event Management staff has assembled their top 8 tips for planning events/activities.

  1. Plan ahead. Planning is the most crucial and time-consuming aspect for any type of event. Take advantage of the event planning services offered by the knowledgeable staff in the Event Management Office, 135 Marano Campus Center, 312.2301.
  2. Identify a lead planner for your event who is knowledgeable about all the details for the event and assign that person to be the liaison with the Event Management Office.
  3. Request the use of space as soon as you have identified a date and time for your event. Please access SUNY Oswego's reservation portal:  ems.oswego.edu
  4. Choose a descriptive name for your event limited to 40 characters (including spaces and punctuation). This is the name that will appear on events.oswego.edu, the college’s space usage calendar. This calendar is used by the campus community to browse and search for upcoming events/activities.
  5. Read your email confirmation carefully. The Event Management Office will send you an email confirming many of the details about the date, time, space, equipment, and services that have been reserved for your event. Contact the Event Management Office if you have any questions about the information contained in the confirmation email.
  6. Publicize your event AFTER you have received confirmation from the Event Management Office that space has been reserved for the date and time you requested.
  7. Provide copies of all contracts and technical riders related to your event to the Event Management Office as soon as you receive them. Contracts and technical riders contain important event planning details that the Event Management Office will need in order to properly coordinate your event’s logistics.
  8. Remember to communicate with the Event Management Office in a timely manner about canceling your event or making changes to the title, date, start time, end time, location, contracts, or other logistics related to your event.

If you have questions or need help planning an upcoming event/activity, contact a member of the Event Management staff, 135 Marano Campus Center, 312.2301.



135 CAMPUS CENTER * 315-312-2301