Student Advisement Rights and Responsibilities


  • To have a helpful, knowledgeable and cordial faculty advisor.
  • To meet with your advisor during scheduled office hours, or by appointment, at least one time per semester.
  • To receive assistance in understanding the relevant academic requirements of your chosen major and additional learning opportunities.
  • To feel comfortable discussing your academic concerns and questions.
  • To be mentored on issues related to career/job options or interests.


  • To find out the name of your faculty advisor (contact BASAC or check Degree Works).
  • To be familiar with and use the undergraduate catalog, semester course bulletin (or computerized course listings) and advisement documents presented to you through BASAC.
  • To make, prepare for and keep timely advisement appointments; and bring necessary materials to the appointments.
  • To be open, honest and cordial when speaking with your advisor.
  • To monitor frequently and use your "" email address for advisement information.
  • To be familiar with the processes of dropping/adding courses and the specific deadlines.
  • To pay required deposits, fees or fines in a timely manner in order to remain registered in courses.
  • To be responsible for knowing and completing the degree requirements of your chosen degree program.