School of Business Events

The School of Business takes pride in providing students with the opportunity to attend events both on and off-campus, allowing them to build their networks, and develop further knowledge of the field. Our goal is to engage not only students in our events but the campus and local community as well, with events that cater to a wide range of interests and demonstrate the need for collaboration between the campus and community. 

First Annual Sales Triathlon

The SUNY Oswego School of Business will host the 2022 Sales Triathlon on April 11 and 12. This two-day event is designed to challenge sales students to demonstrate their mastery of sales skills and knowledge.  This Sales Triathlon features three competitions: 1) Sales Role Play, 2) Mock Sales Interview and 3) Speed Selling. Business executives, alumni and faculty will participate and judge each competition.  This event offers the community a great opportunity to see some excellent sales talent.

Register Here if you are interested in participating, coaching, judging and/or donating