Department of Accounting, Finance, and Law

Thomas Tribunella, Chair
235 Rich Hall
Ext. 2544

Professors: Dean Crawford, Richard Skolnik, Thomas Tribunella, Eric Tsai, Hong Wan
Associate Professors: Victoria Chiu
Assistant Professors: Heather Holcomb, Laura Lamb, Kathleen Locklear
Visiting Assistant Professors:
Graig Arcuri, Frank Garcia, Mary McGowan, Catherine Sullivan
Instructors: Andrea Pagano
Marcia Belmar Willock Professor of Finance: Steven Jordan
Adjuncts: Michael Bryant, Adam Gagas, Christopher Hoch, John Markert, David Spiegel

The present programs in Accounting are registered with the State of New York for candidates seeking admission to sit for the CPA examination. The 150-hour accounting BS/MBA program is the first combined program offered by a state university college to be so registered. Students planning to enter public accounting should send for a copy of the University of the State of New York Public Accountancy Handbook. For a copy of the handbook, consult the library or write to the State Education Department, Office of the Professions, Cultural Education Center, Albany, New York 12230.

Students may also follow a program in finance. The management accounting degree provides an attractive option for accounting students interested in corporate as opposed to public accounting. The bachelor of science degree program in finance is designed to provide students the opportunity to prepare for positions in financial institutions such as commercial and investment banks, mutual funds, brokerages, and insurance companies, as well as in the finance and account departments of manufacturing, retail, and non-profit businesses.

Students are able to follow a program in risk management and insurance. The risk management and insurance (RMI) program provides graduates with the technical expertise and strategic vision necessary to manage risk. RMI programs prepare students to identify and evaluate various sources of risk and to select and implement solutions to control the risks through insurance and other risk transfer vehicles. RMI programs train graduates for careers in risk management, risk analysis, insurance underwriting, management of insurance operations, insurance agency and insurance adjustment.