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Deans' Writing Awards Archive

Accounting:  Shane Kinley, Town of Freeport v. Ring .

2015 Awards

School of Business

Accounting, Finance & Law::  Cathy Johnston, Robek’s Fruit Smoothie .

Marketing and Management::  Mackenzie Kennedy, BP Case Study .

School of Communication, Media and the Arts

Art History::  Beth Krise, Witchcraft in Northern Renaissance Art .

Graphic Design::  Connor DeHaan, Troy Antinora, Emily Hinckley, Briese Penaherrera, Keith Amundsen and Daniella Melita, The Slice Collective::  Upside Down & Backwards .

Broadcasting and Mass Communication: Victoria Love, Shield Laws: Defining Journalism and Protection .

Communication and Social Interaction::  Ryan Ivers, There and Back Again: A Tale of Why He Left Home .

Journalism::  Luke Parsnow, #bad day at work – An Analysis of the Incorporation of Social Media in the Workforce .

Public Relations::  Sarah Miller, Jaguar at the Bistro .

School of Education

Adolescence Education::  Sarah Weller, What the Heck is a Brekkie? An Exploration of Australian Culture through Language and Colloquialisms .

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages::  Keith Kovary, My Journey to Understanding the History/Culture and Social Issues of the African Diaspora .

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Anthropology::  Shauna Anderson, “Same Page?”: Authoritative and Cooperative Talk Amongst Female Synchronized Skaters at SUNY Oswego .

Biology::  Bethany McMillen, An Evolutionary Journey to the Modern Brain of Homo sapiens .

Cinema and Screen Studies::  Thomas Heaton, Medium Fluidity: Observations on Lech Majewski and Pieter Bruegel .

Creative Writing::  Emily Klingbeil, To Rest in the Arms of Morpheus .

Economics::  Kevin Stein, The Economic Impact of the Railroads .

English::  Christine Talone, Peace Fires: Necessary Arson in Sula .

English Composition::  Amanda Resnick, A Memorial for Bob Marley .

French::  Kelsey Labbé, Le Malade imaginaire – Á lire ou á voir? .

German::  Eloïse Colson, Aufsatz #3 .

Human Development::  Anne Cali, Peer Mentoring to Increase Well-Being and Retention of First-Year College Students with Disabilities .

Linguistics::  Shauna Anderson, The Alternation of Alveolar Nasals in English .

Mathematics::  Amy Hannahan, Article Review “An Application of Elementary Group Theory to Central Solitaire” by Arie Bialostocki .

Oswego Reading Initiative::  Emily Kittelsen, Linda: Coming of Age .

Philosophy (Co-Winner)::  Kimberlyn Bailey, Success as a Reliable Indicator of Truth and Convergent Realism .

Philosophy (Co-Winner)::  Christopher Haddad, Rawls’ Original Position and Parental Licensing .

Physics::  Martin Dann and Justin R. D’Antonio, Magnetic Sail Propulsion .

Psychology::  Alana Kimmerly, Approaches to Health Behavior Change: An Analysis of Social Cognitive Theory and Operant Conditioning .

Spanish::  Gabriela Pond, La otra América: El orgullo latinoamericano en Rubén Darío y Calle 13 .

Zoology::  Laurel Huff, Selection for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Due to Veterinary Drug Use .

Graduate Studies

Educational Administration::  Elizabeth Stoddard, The Effective Principal Integrative Essay .

Curriculum and Instruction::  Travis Knight, An Exploration of Dyslexia in Adults AND The Effects of Preferential Music Listening on Adolescent Reading Comprehension .

2014 Awards

School of Business

Accounting:  Shane Kinley,
Town of Freeport v. Ring.

School of Communication, Media and the Arts

Art History:  David Owens,
Shields of the Plains Individualism and Collectivism in the Native American Plains Shield Custom

Graphic Design:  Kim Kittleson,
Henna by Kim (webpage)

Broadcast-Mass Communication:  Maeghan Roberts,
Government, Whistleblowers and the Press: An Analysis of the Faults of the United State Classification System

Communication Studies:  Alaine Vescovo,
Food and Gender: How do our Eating Habits Portray our Masculine or Feminine Behaviors

Journalism:  Jillian Phipps,
Comments on Online Review Forums

Public Relations:  Michael Giblin,
The Redeemer: Scene Analysis of the Shawshank Redemption

Theatre:  Katie Morris,
The Diminishing Subversive Potential of Subcultural Antifashion Movement

School of Education

Adolescence Education:  Laura Murtha,
Instruments of Our Hearts

Adolescence Education:  Alyssa Estus,
The New Teachers’ (mini) Handbook on Classroom Management

Childhood Education:  Amanda Heberger,
Urban Education

Childhood Education:  Shelby Taylor,
Chinese Lanterns and Authentic Learning

School Psychology:  Lynn Fryer,
Parenting Style and Problem Behaviors

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Anthropology:  Cassandra Schumacher,
The Role and Use of Science in Anthropology

Biochemistry:  Lyndon Flynn-Roach,
Critical Thinking Assignment

Chemistry:  Stuart Bates,
Critical Thinking Assignment

Cinema and Screen Studies:  Nolan Metcalf,
The Capitalist Ideal in Jorgen Leth’s The Perfect Human and The Complex Relationship Between Property and Theft in Upstream Color and Spring Breakers

Creative Writing:  Brian Liberty,
The House of The Devil

Earth Science-Geology:  Ross Netusil,
Science, Beauty and the Skiptical Mind

Economics:  Dianora DeMarco,
The New Deal and Economic Recovery

Literary Studies:  Katie Morris,
Manufacturing virtuous Discourse in eliza Haywood’s The Injur’d Husband and Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders

English 102:  Dillon Shinder,
Don’t Cut Your Hair

French:  Mosher, Georgiana,
La Crise Financiere de Chypre (The Cypriot Financial Crisis)

German:  Maxim Sokolovskiy,
Aufsatzthema #3: Hermann Hesse - Freunde

Human Development:  Melanie Hoffman, Program proposal to Use Drama Therapy and Storytelling as a Therapeutic Method for the Treatment of Eating Disorders.

Human Development:  Christina Liddell, Decreasing Unintended Adolescent Pregnancy in Oswego County: Emergency Contraception in High Schools.

Linguistics:  William Boles,
Analysis of Malayalam

Math:  Jessica Krebs,
Cleaning Lake Ontario

Philosophy:  Alana Kimmerly,
Examining the Legitimacy of the Divide et Impera

Political Science:  Sarah Mitchell,
Theorizing Mass Incarceration: Augmenting Foucault

Counseling & Psychology Services:  Lynn Fryer, Parenting Style and Problem Behaviors.

Psychology:  Christopher Bartlett, Computational Theory of Mind Controversy: Arugments from Neuroscientific Perspective.

Public Justice:  Beth Jerome,
The Effect of the Rockefeller Drug Laws and Parole on Reintegration

Public Justice:  Kevin Streeter,
Prisoner Reentry Issues

Spanish:  Jesse Corfield,
Pregunta 1: Cantar de Mio Cid

Women’s Studies:  Julie Scofield,
Margaret Mead: A Post-Colonial Feminist

Graduate Studies

Literacy Education:  Alissa Mirizio,
Just Silence - Jean Overalls  .

Literacy Education:  Rachel Walczek,
Research Paper “How do primary students respond to reading to demonstrate their

Psychology – Trauma Studies:  Joshua Gallogly,
A Summary of Analysis and Deconstructionof Risk Factor Research in the PTSD Construct

Curriculum and Instruction:  Anthony Pignatti,
Eye Movements During Reading

2013 Awards

School of Business

Accounting:  David Weaver, Countrywide Case.

Business Administration:  Andrew Hines, Countrywide Case.

Marketing/International Business:  Megan Haufe, Entering the Franchise World: Trends, Downfalls, and How to Be Successful.

School of Communication, Media and the Arts

Art:  Rhiannon Throop, Joan Snyder.

Art History:  Nilson Carroll,  The Dada Text.  

Graphic Design:  Angela Varos, Early Bird. 

Broadcast-Mass Communication:  Brett Ferrante, Accepting WikiLeaks as Press.

Communication Studies:  Mollie Didio, Cross-Sex Friendships: How It Happens and Why It Works.

Journalism:  Aimee Hirsch, Article Profile: Outdoor Education.

Public Relations:  Kelsey Clark, K & L Communications Press Release.

Theatre:  Katie Morris, The Changing Motivations of AIDS Performance.

School of Education

Adolescence Education:  Ashley Maher, Illuminating Inequities: My Encounter with Arn Chorn-Pond.

Childhood Education:  Nicole Leader, Through the Halls of P.S. 188: A Journey of Inspiration.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages:  Brittney Simmons, Grammar Time.

Wellness Management:  Megan Reinecker, Media's Effect on the Prevalence of Eating Disorders.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Anthropology:  Samantha Kirby, Ethics and the American Anthropological Association.

Biochemistry:  Erin Williams, Formation of Complex Organics in the Gas Phase by Sequential Reactions of Acetylene with the Phenylium Ion.

Biology:  Regan Robinson-Barnes, Extraction, Sequencing and Analysis of Human mtDNA Taken from a U.S. Population.

Chemistry:  Jennifer Glenn, Mechanistic Study of Alcohol Dehydration on -Al₂O₃.

Cinema and Screen Studies:  Mike Fisher, The Rebirth of Neorealism in American Independent Cinema.

Cognitive Sc ience:  Elizabeth Cuzzacrea, Do Artificial Neural Networks Really Prefer Blondes?

Creative Writing:  Paige Belisle, Back to the Canyon

Earth Science-Geology:  Seth Pratt, An Introduction to Salt Tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico.

Economics:  Shannon Banaszak, Women in the Workforce: Before 1900.

English:  Brittany Sperino Horsford, The Struggle of the Seamstress:  Stitching Yourself Into Existence.

English 102:  Daniella Guzman, What the Killer Clown Stole From Me.

French:  Xiaoying Wang, Chanter Sans Arrêt.

Human Development:  Jessica Paul, Cultivating Philanthropy in College Students: Education, Connection, and Networking.

Linguistics:  Kate Freeman, Nou Se Lengwist.

Math:  Jessica Krebs, Cleaning Lake Ontario.

Philosophy:  Daniel Goldman, Scientific Realism and Reference.

Political Science:  Jake Buckland, Politics as a Façade: Doublespeak and Political Marketing.

Psychology:  Colleen Emond, Preservation of the Martyr: A Sociobiological Analysis of Morality.

Public Justice:  Gaston Owen, Theory and Practice Paper.

Spanish:  Alara Bedka, La Pina Misteriosa and Ensayo de Analisis Sobre Todos los Fuegos el Fuego.

Sociology:  Ashley Sauers, Examining 'Reverse Discrimination' through the Lens of White Privilege.

Zoology:  Zuzi Salais, The Role of Wolbachia in Host Evolution: Can it Drive Speciation?

Graduate Studies

Counseling and Psychological Services:  Joanna Bruckner, The Effects of Virtual Social Support on Depression and Suicidality in College.


Educational Administration:  Amy Hibbard, The Effective Principal: Riding the Wave.

Literacy Education:  Keri Frazer, Digital Literacy and Dragonborn:  Observing a World within Skyrim.

Literacy Education:  Elaine Eckam, Ms. Eckam's Classroom Library:  What Will You Read Next?

Literacy Education:  Alexa Thayer, A Teacher in a Critical Classroom.

Special Education:  Lauren Fox, Literacy Program Analysis for 'Sam'.


2012 Awards

School of Business

Accounting: Adam Unangst, Business Combinations and Goodwill.
Brendan Looby, Conflict Management.

School of Communication, Media, and the Arts

Art: Martin De Vita, Andre Kertesz.
Art History
: Rhiannon Throop, Robert Houle: Painting the Untold.
Broadcasting-Mass Communications
: Asa T. Stackel, The Internet and the New Public Figure.   
Jacob Pucci, News Analysis:  Foodstamps.
: Elizabeth Canfield, Hildegard of Bingen.
Public Relations
: Amy Wise, Critique of the Outside Speaker.
: Katlyn Smegelsky, Theatre in Nazi Germany.

School of Education

Adolescent Education: Brittany DeJohn, Critical Cultural Autobiography: 'Who Am I?' and Learner-Centered Exploration of Arabic Culture Through Literature.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: Lisa Husung, Defying Language.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

American Studies:  Caitlin Matwijec, Consistently indian in the Gaze of the Spectator:  Urban indians  in Kent MacKenzie's The Exiles.

Anthropology: Khrystyne Tschinkel, Book Critique: Sex and War.
Biochemistry: Yoshihiro Miura, Minor Groove to Major Groove, an Unusual DNA Sequence-Dependent Change in Bend Directionality by a Distamycin Dimer.

Chemistry: Alex Szypryt, Two-Step Matrix Application for the Enhancement and Imaging of Latent Fingermarks.

Cinema and Screen Studies: Kim Bezhadi, Focus Features: A New Safe Haven for Queer and Gay Cinema. (Forthcoming, in Film Matters. Web.)

Cognitive Science: Abigail L. Kleinsmith, A Modern View on the Third Culture Movement:  Neural Networks and Music.
Computer Science: Jacob M. Peck, Explorations in Algorithmic Composition: Systems of Composition and Examination of Several Original Works.

Creative Writing: Andrew Kowal, Donny.

Earth Sciences: Lacey Pittman, Hydrogeology of the Stratified-drift Aquifers in the Cayuta Creek and Catatonk Creek Basins. (Forthcoming, US Geological Survey. Print.)

English: Tarin Bonvino, Sexual and Racial Passing: The Illusion of Choice in the Novels of Eliza Haywood and Charles Chesnutt.

First-Year Composition: Co-Winners: Dan Durocher, Lighting the Literacy Fire, Brigid Myers, Artistic Grammar, and Ruth Perez, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete.

French: Joey Perez, Voltaire, Rousseau, et Beaumarchais: Les Sociologues du Siècle des Lumières (Voltaire, Beaumarchais, and Rousseau: The Social Commentators of the Enlightenment).

German: Michael Monroe, Die Gänsemagd (The Goose Girl) and Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood).

Human Development:  Amber Dunn, Caring for the Elderly and Their Informal Caregivers.

Linguistics:  Chelsea Koehler, Voicing Alternation in Russian.

Mathematics: Richard DiSalvo, The Finite Dimensional Normed Linear Space Theorem.

Philosophy: Keith Harris, Against Limited Pessimistic Induction: A Rebuttal to Hobbs.

Political Science: Co-Winners: Stephon Boatwright, Common Sense, and Amanda Weber, The Democratic or Undemocratic Public Referendum and Publicly Funding Private Sports Facilities.

Psychology: Jessica Ciattei, Attachment and Divorce: A Review of the Literature.

Public Justice: Abby Gymburch, Theory and Practice: Police Socialization.

Sociology: Timothy Huppert, Max Weber: Finding Significance In Reality.
   Loreley Gómez, Las perdidas en Paula y el crecimiento espiritual

Zoology: Ryan Laughlin, The Evolution and Ecology of the Bonobo (Pan paniscus).

Graduate Programs

Accounting/MBA: Kyle Lyskawa, Accounting for Troubled Debt Restructurings.

Counseling and Psychological Services: Penny Lupo, Partnering With Teachers: Changing Lenses. (Play Therapy Magazine, 7.12 (March 2012): 10-13. Print.)

English: Philip Goodwin, Real World Competencies?:  Practices of the Twenty-First Century American University and the Pedagogical Effects on Composition and Rhetoric.

Literacy Education: Derrick Smith, Bringing Fantasy and Science Fiction into the Classroom. (ALAN Review, Winter 2012: 19-24. Print.)




2011 Awards

Adolescence Education: Carrie Nunez, Memoir: My Five Lessons
Chenshen Wang, Efficacy of Alternative Medicine: Biomedical Hegemony

Art History, Winner: Rebecca Fisher, Purity: The Cleansing of the Arts in Postwar America

Art History, Honorable Mention: Marrisa Hill,
Kenojuak Ashevak: An Inuit Artist Recognized by the Modern Art World

Art History, Honorable Mention: Jessica Finch, Raven Imagery in Northwest Coast Indian Art

Art History, Honorable Mention: Martin DeVita, An Analysis of Psychoanalytic Interpretation in Modern Art

Studio Art: Jamie Fackelman, Jeff Koons

Broadcast Communication: Chelsea Hogan, Broadband Discrimination and Network Neutrality

Biochemistry: Heidi Osterman, Forensic Differentiation of paper by X-ray diffraction and infrared Spectroscopy

Biology: Brandon Jardine, Evolution and Phylogeny of Some Major Aquatic Radiation of Coleoptera
Ashlee Mein, Photoelectrical and Photoresponsive Properties of Bi2S3 Nanotube and Nanoparticle Thin Films

Childhood Education: Rachael Huver, Critical Experiences in Becoming a Teacher

Cinema and Screen Studies: Eric Wojtanik, The Living End of New Queer Cinema

Communication Studies: Elliott Bishop, Yours, Mine, and Ours: Communication Theory Analysis
Counseling and Psychological Services:
Emily Dufore and Carly Honors, Using CBM in Reading and Math to Predict Performance on NYS ELA and Math Assessments

Creative Writing: Jennifer Schifferle, Light Switches

Earth Sciences: Joshua D. Valentino, Bedrock Fracture Control on Surface and Subsurface Hydrogeology in the TugHill Plateau and the Environmentai Implications

Economics: Richard DiSalvo, On the Methodology of Economics

English: Allain Daigle, The Caveats of Utopia: A Language of False-Certainty

French: Bryan Koller, Un jour froid d’octobre (A Cold October Day)

German: Petra Harris, Das hofische Epos in der deutschen Literaturgeschichte (The Courtly Epic)

History: Charlie Clas, Rape as Resistance: Examining the Narrative of "Arthur"

Human Development: Co-winners: Arielle Glott, Risk Factors for the Development of PTSD, and Nicole Raymond, Breaking the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse: A Program for Parents

Journalism: Micaela Parker, Harvey Milk vs. The Machine: How LGBT Issues Were Reported in the United States from the Cold War Until the Present

Linguistics: Stephen Knack, Alternation in English Words with Suffixes: Where Did the [n] Come From?

Math: Sam Carnicelli,
An Analysis on the Distribution of Drawn Lottery Numbers

Physics: Paul Steadham, The Question of Magnetic Monopoles: Exploring the Concepts and Possibilities of the Single-Sided Magnet

Political Science: Zachary M. Primrose, Presidential Success: A Product of Character of Circumstances?

Psychology: Rachel Peraino, Resiliency Factors and PTSD in Children

Public Justice: Megan Nugent, Direct to Consumer Advertising of Psychotropic Medications and Its Role in Perceptions of Mental Illness

Public Relations: Elaine Wu, 3-Stage Approaches: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, Pre-Crisis Response Analyzed
Andrew Krupnicki, La Privatizacion de las Empresas Estadounidenses (The Privatization of American Businesses)  

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: Co-Winners: Laurie France, Teaching Pre-Service Mainstream Teachers about TESOL, and Julie Popp, Problem Set 3: Problem 2 Alternation of n in Bare and Suffixed Stems
Vocational Teacher Preparation:
Co-Winners: Brittany Keefer, Teacher Work Sample: Cosmetology I, and Megan Osetek, Teacher Work Sample

Wellness Management: Grayam Dorschel,
Melanoma and the Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Women’s Studies: Caitlin Matwijec, High Society Love, or, Woman as Nothing