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Small grants program

In 1996, Rice Creek Associates, established a program of small grants in support of research at Rice Creek Field Station.  Most awards will be between $500 and $3,000.  Additional funds in support of living expenses for visiting scholars may be available at the discretion of the RCA Board of Directors.  Grant funds may be used for stipends, travel, supplies, equipment, publication costs or secretarial support necessary to carry out research at the Field Station.  Proposals for the next round of funding will be due by  March 17, 2017.  Awards will be announced on or about April 17.  Work can focus on any subject area appropriate to the facilities and resources available at Rice Creek.  Researchers do not have to be members of the SUNY Oswego faculty or staff.

For further information, see the latest Call for Proposals (pdf) specifications.

Questions or comments, contact:

Dr. Michael L. Schummer
Department of Biological Sciences
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY  13126
(315) 312-6608


Eight grants were awarded for 2016.  The projects supported are:

  • Correlating MHC IIB Diversity to Susceptibility to Bd and Ranavirus in Green Frogs, Kimberly Anderson, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego
  • Effects of phenolic compound concentrations on the winter foraging behaviors of mammals and birds on Staghorn Sumac. Zachary Bennett, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego
  • Host-Parasite Coevolution and the Parasite Spillover and Spillback Hypotheses: Final Report. Andrew McElwain and Jaclyn Lovell, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego  
  • Drosophila suzukii gut microbiota study. Peter Newell, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego
  • Quantifying strands of ash (Fraxinus spp.) in anticipation of the arrival of the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) and subsequent forest succession. Phillip Perriello, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego
  • Vasohibin 1 acts as a negative regulator of angiogenesis during turtle embryogenesis. Poongodi Geetha-Loganathani, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego
  • Effects of seasonality on the foraging behavior of Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys) at Rice Creek Field Station. Maria Sagot, Miranda Nelson and Christian Kalinowski, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego
  • Isolation, Culture and Genetic Modification of Sea Lamprey Cells for Investigation of a Novel Strategy for Invasive Lamprey Control. Kaitlyn Tkachuk and David Dunn, Biological Science, SUNY Oswego