Use of Residential Facilities

A room/suite/townhouse may be occupied only by the resident(s) to whom it is assigned and that resident’s visitors and guests. (See Rules Governing Residential Facilities section of the Resident Student Handbook for further guidelines regarding guests and visitors.)

New and returning students may occupy their rooms according to the schedule published by the Department of Residence Life and Housing. Students given permission to occupy their rooms prior to the published date will be charged $40 per day for room (plus approx. $30 per day for meals), unless the charge is specifically waived by the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or designee. 

Unless otherwise provided for by the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or their designee, a resident shall have no right to enter, use, or occupy residential facilities during any period when the College is not in session for formal academic purposes. 

Residents may leave personal property in assigned accommodations during periods of recess. However, the College cannot guarantee security or assume responsibility for any loss of those belongings. There is no storage available over the summer. For the purpose of the Housing and Dining Contract, personal property shall include any property, excluding College-owned furnishings, in the possession of the resident, located in the confines of their assigned quarters or in other areas including luggage and storage rooms in any building or on the grounds of the campus. Residents are encouraged to obtain insurance coverage for such belongings. The resident’s and/or the parent’s or guardian’s acceptance of this license shall be construed as acceptance of any and all such risk.

All residents must vacate the residential community and remove all personal belongings from the premises in accordance with the termination or expiration of the Housing and Dining Contract. If personal belongings are not removed from the premises, the resident, by signing the Housing and Dining Contract, authorizes and agrees to pay the room rental charge to the College for each day that the room was not available for reassignment by the College. Further, the resident agrees to pay such fees as are assessed by the College for the labor involved in the removal and temporary storage of the resident’s personal belongings, and the College shall not be responsible for any resulting loss or damage to those belongings abandoned by the resident. 

Housing and room assignments are not transferable; students may not assign this license or sublet the premises or any part thereof. Subletting includes, but is not limited to, short-term or temporary rental arrangements such as those offered through peer-to-peer services like Airbnb, Craigslist, or Couchsurfing. Assigning or subletting may result in disciplinary action and/or cancellation of the license without compensation.


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