Graduate Assistantships

Our Department offers three different types of Graduate Assistantship experiences:

Qualifications for all positions include acceptance into a SUNY Oswego Graduate program for the academic year of which the applicant is seeking an assistantship. Application review will begin in early February and will continue until all positions are filled.

Graduate Resident Mentors (GRMs) live in apartments on the resident floors in Hart Hall. Along with the Hall Director, Faculty Director and Faculty Resident Mentors, GRMs assist in the delivery of the Hart Global Living and Learning Center program. Learn more about the Graduate Mentor position and/or apply through ERezLife.

Assistant Hall Directors (AHDs) are part of the professional staff of our larger residence halls. Each of these halls has one Residence Hall Director and one Assistant Hall Director. The AHD assists the RHD in developing a positive community in the hall. Specific duties typically include supervision of the service desk operation as well as overall facilities management. Learn more about the Assistant Hall Director position and/or apply through ERezLife.

Fitness Centers Graduate Assistant (GA) serves as the Assistant Manager of our two comprehensive fitness facilities, Cooper and Glimmerglass. Please visit Fitness Centers for further information. Apply for a Cooper/Glimmerglass Fitness Centers GA position.

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