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Residence Life and Housing

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Assistant Hall Director (AHD)

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Apply for an Assistant Hall Director (Graduate Assistantship) position. You will find a listing only if there is a vacancy for this position.

The Assistant Hall Director (AHD) is responsible for assisting the Residence Hall Director in assuring the successful functioning of the residence hall as an educational environment consistent with the academic and educational mission of the College. Specific responsibilities will be negotiated and designed based on residence hall needs, individual interest and ability, and "fit" with the Assistant Director's graduate preparation program and professional goals.

The Residence Hall Director is the AHD's immediate supervisor; however, from time to time an AHD can expect to respond to requests from the management team of Residence Life and Housing.


Assistant Hall Director job description




A.      Promote the development of a community environment within the residence halls characterized by consideration, respect and appreciation of others.


B.      Promote the development of an environment conducive to academic endeavors and achievement.


C.      Promote the development of an environment conducive to student involvement and participation.


D.      Encourage the development of students' leadership skills.


E.      Assist students, whenever possible, to identify and work toward attaining personal and academic goals.


F.       Foster and pursue care and maintenance of the physical facilities for the comfort, health and safety of all residents.




A.      Student Development


1.     Initiate and maintain activities of a student development nature utilizing the Residence Life Curriculum.


2.     In conjunction with the Hall Director, work with residents on individual development issues and make referrals as appropriate. Provide assistance to students in developing their interests and abilities.


3.     Work with staff and residents to develop community in the hall and on individual floors.


4.     Assist in coordinating the efforts of residence hall government and student staff toward obtaining specific residence hall objectives.


5.     Assist the Residence Hall Director and students in assessment of needs as well as the development, implementation and evaluation of wellness programs that are unique to each residence hall.


B.      Administrative


1.     Assist in selecting, training and supervising Resident Student Staff (RSS) (Resident Assistants, Resident Mentors Graduate Resident Mentors) and other student employees, in-hall and in conjunction with campus-wide programs.


2.     Assist in promoting and developing management procedures and practices that preserve and enhance the physical plant.


3.     Maintain records and provide assistance as needed/assigned by the Residence Hall Director.


4.     Assist the Residence Hall Director in opening and closing the hall at the beginning and end of the academic year, and during periods of academic recess.


5.     Assist the Residence Hall Director in assuring the efficient and effective functioning of the residence hall desk operation.


6.     Communicate, explain and enforce procedures, rules and regulations of the college with regard to residents and staff.


7.     Assist the Residence Hall Director in judicial matters by investigating incidents, meeting with students, and assuming designated roles in the judicial process.


8.     Participate in staff development workshops.


9.     Be available to residents in your building and departmental staff.


10.  Be assigned to other duties based on the special features of the assigned building.



C.      Departmental


1.     Assume on-duty responsibilities for the campus as described by the Residence Life and Housing Office.


2.     Initiate and maintain effective communication with other members of the Division of Student Services in implementing departmental and divisional objectives.


3.     Initiate and maintain cooperative relations with the University Police, Auxiliary Services (in particular Dining Services), and other administrative and academic departments.


4.     Attend weekly departmental staff meetings.





The Assistant Hall Director is responsible for duties assigned by the Director of Residence Life and Housing and his/her designees. The AHD's immediate supervisor is the Residence Hall Director of the residence hall to which he/she is assigned. The AHD job description and manual are the basis for performance review and evaluation. Failure to fulfill required job expectations in a satisfactory manner or violation of college policy or rules governing residence halls will be grounds for the termination of an AHD.




1.     Successful candidates must be fully matriculated in a graduate program at SUNY Oswego by the start of employment.


2.     During each semester of employment, the AHD must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in at least six, but no more than; nine graduate credit hours (with the exception of the first semester of employment during which the AHD must be enrolled in exactly six graduate credit hours).




1.       The Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or his designee must approve academic obligations. The maximum course load approved will be six credit hours in the first semester of employment and nine credits per semester thereafter. Internships or practicum experiences that require a substantial time commitment out of the building are subject to department approval.


2.       The term of employment is 20 pay periods. The Assistant Hall Director begins employment with pre-semester training and works through final closing. The Assistant Director is not obligated during periods of academic recess, however, he/she is expected to be available for duties related to the opening and closing of buildings for all recess periods. The assistantship is for a maximum of two years, contingent upon acceptable performance in the position.


3.       The Assistant Hall Director position is a half-time graduate assistantship. Given the unique nature of the live-in position and the demands of residence life work, the responsibilities of the Assistant Hall Director can typically be accomplished in approximately half the time of a full-time position.  It is expected that the Assistant will be regularly available to residents, respond to crisis situations or emergencies and assist as necessary. Assistants are also expected to participate fully in pre-service professional and graduate staff training in August, as well as mid-year training in January.


4.       This is a live-in position. Occupancy of the apartment is for the term of appointment. Check-in and checkout of apartment should be arranged with the Residence Life and Housing Office. Assistant Hall Directors must abide by the department's pet policy in existence at time of employment.


5.       The Assistant Hall Director who is re-appointed may request to stay in his/her apartment during the summer. Approval will result in summer responsibilities at a reduced level and may include: duty coverage for summer school; tasks associated with conferences; staff recruitment and other summer work in the Residence Life and Housing office; and general availability in the building when it is occupied.


6.       The Assistant Hall Director must abide by the rules and regulations of the college and model mutual respect and inclusion for all residents.


7.       Obligations that involve significant time commitments outside of the residence hall are subject to department approval.


8.       The Assistant Hall Director will not be assigned to any duties nor be subject to any terms that are inconsistent with the standards set forth by the Graduate Student Employees Union.





Compensation includes an annual stipend of $7,000 and tuition waiver for six credits the first semester of employment and nine credits a semester thereafter. A furnished apartment is provided as well as basic telephone service and parking. A full meal program is provided for the AHD and his/her spouse/qualifying domestic partner (subject to annual budgeting approval from Auxiliary Services) while classes are in session for the Fall and Spring semesters.


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To apply for an Assistant Hall Director (Graduate Assistantship) position, please refer to the Human Resources "Employment Opportunities" web page. If there is a vacancy for this position, you will find it listed there.

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