Previously Awarded Internal Grants

Each year, SUNY Oswego awards over $175,000 in the form of grants to faculty, students and staff, to support a significant number of innovative scholarly and creative projects.

Information regarding past internal grant recipients from previous years can be accessed below. 

Fall 2019
Name Department Grant Type Project Title Amount

Sien Hu and Theo Rhodes

Psychology Faculty SCA

Neural Mechanisms of Visual Imagery and Visual Working Memory in Aphantasia


Courtney Doucette

History Faculty SCA

Perestroika: The Last Attempt to Create the New Soviet Person


Eric Schmitz

Music Faculty SCA

Recording Sessions for Two Original Compositions for ACE Composers II


Damian Schofield

Computer Science Faculty SCA

Augmented Reality Technologies for Cultural Heritage Applications


Laura Donnelly

English and Creative Writing Faculty SCA

Orion Environmental Writers’ Workshop


Shokouh Haddadi

Chemistry Faculty SCA

Analysis of Diphenhydramine and N-desmethyldiphenhydramine in Urine Using Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction (DLLME) and Gas Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)


Priyanka Rupasinghe

Physics Faculty SCA

Precision Atomic Structure Measurement of Rubidium Using Laser Spectroscopy

Micah F. Morton Anthropology Faculty SCA

New and Emerging Global Indigenous Solidarities 

M. Neelika Jayawardane English and Creative Writing   Faculty SCA

Documenting Apartheid’s Architecture and Design: Gille de Vlieg, Anna Ziemensky, and Deseni Moodliar-Soobben’s Photography


Student: Sydney Waloven

Sponsor: Nicholas Sard

Biological Sciences Student SCA

Quantifying the relative importance of intracellular and extracellular DNA while conducting an environmental DNA survey


Student: Christian DiBiase

Sponsor: Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan

Biological Sciences Student SCA Biochemical Analysis of Browning Activities in Apples $850.46

Student: Lillian Pavord

Sponsor: Nicholas Sard

Biological Sciences Student SCA

Extracting genomic DNAs to be used as a tool for bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) conservation effort


Student: Gabi DeAngelo

Sponsor: Leigh Bacher


Student SCA

Utility of eye tracking in the investigation of speech perception in children


Student: Ali Khan

Sponsor: David Dunn and Yulia Artemenko
Biological Sciences Student SCA

Inexpensive, easy to build electroporation device for genetic modification of social amoeba.


Student: Muhammadzohir Hidoyatov

Sponsor: Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan
Biological Sciences Student SCA

A Comparative Study of Eggshells of Passeriformes Birds


Student: Hannah Vail

Sponsor: Whalmany Ounkham
Chemistry Student SCA

Microwave-Assisted Metal Catalyzed Nitrile Hydration to Amides in Water


Students: Morgan Wolanin and Dakota Jackson

Faculty Sponsor: Whalmany Ounkham
Chemistry Student SCA

The Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Water-soluble Ruthenium Complexes for Nitrile Hydrations

Spring 2019
Name Department Grant Type Project Title Amount
Matthew Baker 
Students: Philip Mosher, Charlotte Labrie-Cleary
Chemistry Challenge Perpetually Recyclable Materials   $4,499.43 
Maria Sagot
Student: Alexandria Capra
Biological Sciences Challenge Bats and Apples: Bat Ecosystem Services in Apple Orchards in Central New York  $ 4,500 
Peter Newell
Student: Rebecca Wolff
Biological Sciences Challenge Biophysical investigation of the function of enzyme 3DL1  $ 4,500 
Julia Koeppe
Students: Ali Khan, Michael Kirsch
Chemistry Challenge Biophysical investigation of the function of enzyme 3DL1 $ 4,500
Daniel Baldassarre
Student: Kristie Drzewiecki
Biological Sciences Challenge Ordinary bird, extraordinary challenges: how urbanization impacts the Northern Cardinal  $4,349.94 
Vadoud Niri
Student: Margaret Miller
Chemistry      Challenge Investigation of Volatile Organic Compound Removal by Indoor Plants Using a Large Sampling Chamber  $ 4,500
Bennet Schaber English (Cinema and Screen Studies) Faculty SCA Rediscovered Screenplays of Eugene O’Neill $1,950
Taylor Miller Linguistics Faculty SCA Documenting the Kiowa Language: a Pilot Online Dictionary $3,000
Nicholas Sard Biological Sciences Faculty SCA Testing for genomic signatures of rapid adaptation in a Great Lakes invasive species $2,970
Cara Thompson Art Faculty SCA Virtual Reality and Immersive Art $3,000
Mohammad Islam Physics Faculty SCA Synthesis of Ferrite Nanoparticle Compounds as Anode Materials for High Performance Sodium Ion Battery $3,000
Fall 2018
Name Department Grant Type Project Title Amount
Trevor Jorgensen Music Faculty SCA Mexico City Blues: Kerouac Project $3,000
Ola Kraszpulska Theatre Faculty SCA Faux Stained Glass Four Ways: A Comparative Study $2779.64
Emily Bovier & Adam Fay Psychology Faculty SCA Olfactory Responsivity and Social Cognitive Processing $2,975
Daniel Baldassarre Biological Sciences Faculty SCA Ordinary bird, extraordinary challenges: how urbanization affects the northern cardinal $3,000

Student: Andrew Sommer
Sponsor: Peter Newell

Biological Sciences Student SCA Chemical Basis for Acetobacter and Lactobacillus Mutualism $975

Student: Leah Knapp
Sponsor: Rachel Lee

Atmospheric and Geological Sciences Student SCA Geochemical analysis of pyroxenite within Pioneer Mountains, central Idaho $700

Student: Christina Li
Sponsor: Kestas Bendinska

Chemistry Student SCA Developing Epigenetic Measurement Capability for SUNY Oswego $1,000

Student: Ethan Magram
Sponsor: Brian Moritz

Communication Studies Student SCA Ladders (and How to Climb Them), Podcast $946

Student: Becky Nesel
Sponsor: Justin Stroup

Atmospheric and Geological Sciences Student SCA Grain size analysis of sediment core samples from Searles Lake, California $1,000

Student: Zahra Bellucci
Sponsor: Paul Leary

Music Student SCA Collaborative Musical Composition for "Roots/Signal" Festival, Statesboro, Georgia $970

Student: Ralph Schloss
Sponsor: Alanna Ossa

Anthropology Student SCA The Utility of Serrated versus Non-serrated Points of the Hohokam $1,000

Student: Melissa Orleman
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Sime

Biological Sciences Student SCA Conditioning and persistence of olfactory stimulated behavior in crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus) $500

Student: Samantha Jenks
Sponsor: Sien Hu

Psychology Student SCA Resting state functional connectivity of the amygdala and BNST in healthy adults and patients with anxiety disorders $1,000

Students: Mary Sorensen
Sponsor: Justin Stroup

Atmospheric and Geological Sciences Student SCA Establishing grainsize sample processing methods to enable paleoclimate interpretations $1,000

Student: Kelly Rothschild
Sponsor: Jaclyn Schildkraut

Public Justice Student SCA The Pulse Nightclub Shooting and the Impact on the Local LGBTQ+ Community $994

Student: Tessa Mosher
Sponsor: Jaclyn Schildkraut

Public Justice Student SCA The Parkland Shooting and Systems Failure: A Review of the Evidence $1,000
Spring 2018



Grant Type

Project Title


Bastian Tenbergen
Student: James Spagnola

Computer Science Challenge Building a Centimeter-Precise Cyber-Physical Drone using Differential GPS $4,469

David Dunn
Student: Ali Khan

Biological Sciences Challenge Open Source Affordable Design for DNA Delivery Device (Electroporator) $4,500

Elizabeth Wilcox
Student: Marquia Williams

Mathematics Challenge Counting with S-sided Dice: Generating Combinatorics $3,500
Francisco Suarez
Student: Kelly VanRiper
Communication Studies Challenge The ResLife TV Pilot $4,475
Brian Hough, Rachel Lee
Student: Leah Knapp

Atmospheric and Geological Sciences

Challenge Origin and Fate of a Pyroxenite Body Within the Pioneer Mountains Core Complex, Central Idaho $4,500
Jinyan Guo
Student: Chad Halson
Biological Sciences Challenge Development of the Floral “Umbrella” of the Northern Pitcher Plant $4,295
Julia Koeppe
Students: Veronica Singh, Matthew Gehm, Jose Giler
Chemistry Challenge Protein Interactions that Regulate Complement Activation $4,500
Juliet Giglio
Student: Mic-Anthony Hay
English and Creative Writing Challenge A New Home in Oswego: The Story of Two Refugees $4,406
Matthew Baker
Student: Philip Mosher
Chemistry Challenge Development of a Light Responsive Controlled-Release System $4,475.02

Michele Thornton
Student: Kelly Murphy

Management and Marketing Challenge Employee Benefits Challenges of Small Employers in Western New York $3,875

Peter Rosenbaum
Student: Matthew Gorman

Biological Sciences Challenge

Follow-up Census of Spotted Turtles (Clemmys gutatta) at Ira Marsh Cayuga

Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan
Student: Manna Job
Biological Sciences Challenge Toxic Effect of Atrazine on Fresh Water Mussels (Elliptio complanata) $4,500
Shashi Kanbur
Students: Brett Meerdink, Matthew Sodano
Physics Challenge An Analysis of Period-Color Relations with OGLE IV Data $4,000
Tamara Sullivan
Student: Nicole Maether
Counseling and Psychological Services Challenge

College-School Collaboration: Responsive Interventions Designed to Empower Students

Thomas Brown
Student: Kevin Clark
Chemistry Challenge

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Bimetallic Complexes Exhibiting
Metallophilic Interactions


Webe Kadima
Student: Richard DeMaddis

Chemistry Challenge Investigation of the Effects of Musanga cecropioides on Live Cells $4,500
Yulia Artemenko
Student: Jack Marcucci
Biological Sciences Challenge Investigation of Filamin Function in Dictyostelium discoideum Mechanosensation $4,500
Maria Sagot Biological Sciences Faculty SCA The Role of Bioenergetics and Cooperative Acoustic Signaling in Promoting Social Interactions $2,990
Sien Hu Psychology
Faculty SCA The Effects of Age on Proactive and Reactive Executive Control $3,000
Julia Koeppe Chemistry Faculty SCA Surface Plasmon Resonance for Protein Interaction Analysis $2,000
Caglar Yildirim Computer Science Faculty SCA Investigating the Efficacy of a Virtual Reality-Based Mindfulness Intervention to Reduce Mind Wandering: A Pilot Study $3,000
Hui Zhang Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty SCA Developing High-efficiency Wide Bandgap Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems $3,000
Martha Bruch Chemistry Faculty SCA Effect of Water on the Chemical Modification of Silica $3,000
Priyanka Rupasinghe Physics Faculty SCA Homemade External-Cavity Diode Laser (EDCL) to Support Precision Atomic Structure Measurement of Gallium $3,000
Peter Newell Biological Sciences Faculty SCA Determining How Bacteria Accelerate Drosophila Development $2,254
Matthew Baker Chemistry Faculty SCA Development of Environmentally Friendly Plastics $2,963.64
Shashi Kanbur Physics Faculty SCA Investigations into Non-Radial Oscillations $3,000
Fall 2017



Grant Type 

Project Title


Schildkraut, Jaclyn                                              Public Justice                                Faculty SCA                       Mass Shootings and the Needs of Survivors $2,819.95
Rank, Allison  Political Science Faculty SCA "The Big Trouble Came": Youth and American Citizenship in the 1930s-1940s $3,000
Clabough, Cynthia  Art Faculty SCA From Charity to Chastisement and Cruelty $3,000
Rhodes, Theo  Psychology Faculty SCA Mobile Eye Tracker for Multiple Projects on Search Behavior $2,134.09
Islam, Mohammad  Physics Faculty SCA Fabrication of Rechargeable Sodium Ion Batteries using Ferrite Nanoparticle Based Electrodes $3,000
Bendinskas, Kestas  Chemistry Faculty SCA Hair Cortisol Concentrations in Subjects with Tropical Mosquito-Borne Diseases $3,000
Student: Nathan McKean
Sponsor: Jennifer Olori
Biological Sciences Student SCA A Continuation of Investigating Different Factors Affecting Ranavirus Transmission in Green Frogs in Oswego County $993.77
Student: Lauren Hardy
Sponsor: James MacKenzie
Biological Sciences Student SCA Quantification of Apoptosis as a Response to Polychlorinated Biphenyl 105 Exposure on Elliptio Complanta $750
Student: Dylan Charland
Sponsor: Kestas Bendinskas
Chemistry Student SCA Heavy Metals- Human Serum Albumin Binding Sites $1,000
Student: Eynna Qian
Sponsor: Matthew Baker
Chemistry Student SCA Development of a Stimuli-responsive Controlled Release System $999.85
Student: Howard Boutelle
Sponsor: Lindsay Bell
Anthropology Student SCA Understanding Opioids: An Anthropological Investigation of Substance Abuse in Upstate New York  $994.99
Student: Andrea Jemmott
Sponsor: Webe Kadima
Chemistry Student SCA Testing the Stimulation of Insulin Secretion by an Aqueous Extract of the Stem Bark of Musanga Cecropioides $1,000
Student: Ryan McHale
Sponsor: Jaclyn Schildkraut
Public Justice Student SCA Covering Rampage: News Consumers' Perceptions about Mass Shootings in the Media $1,000
Student: Mia Fasanella
Faculty Sponsor: Lindsay Bell
Anthropology Student SCA Bounce Into a Healthier Lifestyle $1,000
Student: Samantha Blum
Sponsor: Jaclyn Schildkraut
Public Justice Student SCA News Consumers' Perceptions of the Coverage of Domestic Terrorism $1,000
Students: Emily Fenner, Curtis Bernard
Sponsor: Allen Andersen
Atmospheric and Geological Sciences Student SCA Geochemical Analysis of Fe-Ti-V ores in the Adirondack Highlands by XRF and ICP-MS $982.40
Student: Jacob Saeva
Sponsor: Eric Schmitz
Music Student SCA Boston and Back: An Album $1,000
Spring 2017



Grant Type

Project Title


Andersen, Allen A&G Sci Challenge Port Leyden Nelsonite and its Relationship to Anorthosite Rocks of the Adirondack Region $4,220
Lee, Rachel A&G Sci Challenge Mapping the Aerial Extent and Composition of Volcanic Deposits Using Apparent Thermal Inertia $2,480
Artemenko, Yulia Biology Challenge The Role of Acting Crosslinking Proteins in Cell Response to Brief Mechanical Stimulation $4,500
Geetha-Loganathan, Poongodi Biology Challenge Identifying the Source of Fungal Pathogens Threatening Snapping Turtles $4,500
Olori, Jennifer Biology Challenge Is Ranavirustransmission Sexually Mediated? $3,937.50
Schummer, Michael Biology Challenge Influence of Wetland Restoration and Management on Density and Diversity of Aquatic Macorovertibrates $3,750
Newell, Peter Biology Challenge Microbiota of the Invasive Crop Pest Drosophila Suzukii $4,500
Baker, Matthew Chemistry Challenge Design and Synthesis of Ladder Forming Signal-responsive Polymers $4,495
Damkaci, Fehmi Chemistry Challenge N-Phenyl Picolinic Amide Ligand in Aryl Cyanation $4,498
Haddadi, Shokouh Chemistry Challenge Investigating the Effect of Gender on Chemical Composition of Latent Fingerprints $4,500
Koeppe, Julia Chemistry Challenge Expression of Complement Component 2 in Yeast and E. Coli $4,300
Diddi, Arvind Comm Studies Challenge Assessing News Media Bias in the 2016 Presidential Campaign $4,300
Bichindaritz, Isabelle Computer Sci Challenge Role of WAVE Complex in Breast Cancer through Bioinformatics Analyses $4,000
Schofield, Damian; Jolanda Tromp; Isabelle Bichindaritz Computer Sci Challenge Applying Augmented Realityh Technologies ot Interventional Radiology during Surgery $4,500
Spenceley, Laura CPS Challenge Predicting the Extended Time Necessary for Equal Access $2,750
Hromalik, Marianne ECE Challenge High Speed Oscillator-based Data Transfer Interface for X-ray Pixel Array Detectors $4,190
Wilcox, Elizabeth Math Challenge Symmetries in Music $4,000
Kanbur, Shashi Physics Challenge A Binary Event Broker for the Large Synaptic Survey Telescope $4,000
Dykas, Matt Psych Challenge Advancing the Measurement of Parental Neglect $2,000
Dunn, David Biology
Faculty SCA Genome Editing of Growth-related Genes in Mouse and Pig Cell Lines as a Model for Animal Experimentation $3,000
Mohamed, Kamal Biology Faculty SCA Genetic Differences in the African Striga Asiatica Species Group and Their Relation to the Indian S. Asiatica $3,000
Sime, Karen Biology Faculty SCA Oviposition Patterns and Parasitism of the Bog Buckmoth $1,675
Windstam, Sofia Biology Faculty SCA Is Ranavirus Transmission Sexually Mediated? $2,679
Koeppe, Julia Chemistry Faculty SCA Expression of Complement Component 2 in Yeast and E. Coli $1,775
Graber, Todd Music Faculty SCA Professional Recording of Schub ert's Winterreise $2,356
Shifton, Jeremy Public Justice Faculty SCA How Race and Gender Impact Juror Perceptions on Evidence in Criminal Trials $3,000
Dragomir, Cristina Political Science Faculty SCA At the Crossfire of Marginalizatin: How Gypsy Women in Inda and Romania Access Healthcare $3,000
Pippin, Douglas Anthropology Faculty SCA William Twiss and the American Revolution in Canada: An Archaelogical Perspective $3,000
Jayawardane, Neelika English Faculty SCA Comrades with Cameras: The Afrapix Photographers Agency and the South African Anti-apartheid Movement $3,000
Hanusch, Sarah Math Faculty SCA Improving Student Proof Productions via Written Feedback in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses $1,000
Delancy, Craig Philosophy Faculty SCA Personal Identity and Emotional Disposition $2,500
Thompson, Cara Art Faculty Mini 3D Rendering and Printing $250
Ardan, Lyudmyla  Economics Curriculum & Innovation Economics of Education $2,400
Rosenberg, Jenny; Jessica Reeher Communication Studies Curriculum & Innovation Communicating with Diverse Identities $3,600
Adams, Joshua; Bennet Schaber Cinema And Screen Studies Curriculum & Innovation Drone Theory, Drone Vision $3,600
Baker, Mark and Scott Preston Math Curriculum & Innovation Data Mining and Predictive Analytics $2,000
Fall 2016



Grant Type 

Project Title


Jubin, Julieve Art Faculty SCA Central Hershey: A Cuban American Story $3,000
Bell, Lindsay Anthropology                                  Faculty SCA   Looking for Transparency: How Evaluators Assess Diamonds' Ethical Qualities $2,965
Schummer, Michael Biology Faculty SCA      Ultra-violet Perception of Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) Fruits by Birds $2,966.81
Islam, Mohammad                                           Physics Faculty SCA Fabrication of Rechargeable Sodium Ion Batteries Using Nanoparticle Based Electrodes $3,000
Jago, Abigail Student Student SCA Trace Metals in the Ovipositors of Wood-boring Parasitoid Hymenoptera $1,000
Mars, Alexandra Student Student SCA The Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Photoluminescent Copper(I) Coordination Compounds $773.65
Swanson, Benjamin Student Student SCA Interface Engineered All Organic Solar Cells $942.10
Kaiser, Cassandra Student Student SCA Batik: A Practice of Media $754
Gomez, Chris Student Student SCA Skeletal Tissue Project: Procurement, Processing, and Analysis of Pathological Remains to Build a Teaching Collection $930
Myree, Dahdralee Student Student SCA The Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Photoluminescent Copper(I) Coordination Compounds $773.65
Rispoli, Diana Student Student SCA N-Phenyl Picolinic Amide Ligand in Aryl Azidation $996
Clapp, Kaitlyn Student
Student SCA Assessing Protein Carbonylation as a Biomarker for PCB 105 Exposure in Elliptio Complanana $1,000
Choi, Lily Student Student SCA The Waterfall $971.77
Benjamin, Lukas Student Student SCA Determination of the Efficacy of Expired Insulin on PI3K7R Expression $1,000
Grow, MacKenzie Student Student SCA Reproductive Health Outreach in Oswego County, New York $945
Buckley, Mary Student Student SCA Martha Foote Crowe, Educational Reformer $1,000
Wagner, Mathew Student Student SCA Determining Greater and Lesser Snow Goose Migration Patterns Through New York State $322.87
DeCapua, Michael Student Student SCA Interface Engineered All Organic Solar Cells $942.10
House, Nina Student Student SCA                                                         Quantifying microplastic Ingestion by Fish in Lake Ontario: A Collaborative Project With the United State Geological Survey, Lake Ontario Biological Station $983.66
Borrelli, Sevarin Student Student SCA Exploring The Genetic Basis of Sexual Dimorphism in a Terrestrial Isopod (Trachelipus Rathkei) $1,000
Souva, Sharon Student Student SCA Large Scale Microcosm $972.50
Spring 2016



Grant Type

Project Title


MacKenzie, James; Student:McDonough, Marisa Biology Challenge Using Eastern Elloptio Mussels to Study PCB Toxicity $3,750
Damkaci, Femi; Student: Scalzo, Rachel Chemistry Challenge Synthesis of Heavy Metal Binding Polymers and Their Analysis $4,500
Kanbur, Shashi; Student: D'Alessandro Zac Physics Challenge Exploration in Conditional Entropy and Asteroseismology $4,000
DeLancey, Craig; Student: Diamond, Zachary Philosophy Challenge Contemporary Activism and Camus’ Rejection of Political Theory $3,731
Roe, Kelly; Student: Long, Gigina Art Challenge Letterpress: Restoration and Transformation $4,250
Taylor, Roger; Student: Schirtz, Jack Psychology Challenge Developing Smartwatch Apps for Measuring Middle School Students’ Emotions $4,025
Damkaci, Femi; Students: Paz-Orozco, Walter; Sobiech, Thomas Chemistry Challenge Synthesis of Pyrole 1,2,3-trazole-3-Thione Derivatives (Medicinally Active Compounds) $4,493.20
Lee, Rachel; Student: Weinell, Meaghan                                                        A&G Sciences                               Challenge                             Characterization of Compositional and Textural Variability in Maar-Diatreme Deposits Using GigaPan and Thermal Ingrared Image Data $2,750
Haddadi, Shokuoh; Students: Aldrich, Alyssa; Adugbesi, Gabriel Chemistry Challenge Investigating Interferences From Carpet and Furniture Substrates in Arson Identification $4,500
Haddadi, Shokuoh; Students: Herard, Kerina; La Gatta Kimberly Chemistry Challenge Analysis of Drugs Facilitating Criminal Acts $4,500
Coll, Fiona; Student: Milligan, Sean English and CW Challenge Writing the sea: A Digital Archive of Morgan Robertson’s Writings $4,500
Niri, Vadoud; Students: Jemmott, Andrea; Ofodile, Jennifer Chemistry Challenge Monitoring Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) from Molds in Indoor Air $4,500
Poongodi, Geetha-Loganathan; Student; Kankanmalage, Kevin Biology Challenge Retinoic Acid Signaling During the Development of Scleral Ossicles $4,500
Schildkraut, Jaclyn; Student: Carr, Collin Public Justice Challenge Context Matters; Examining Mass Shootings and the Role of County and State Level Correlates $1,750
Newell, Peter Biology Faculty SCA Determining How Gut Bacteria Resist Oxidatine Stress in the Host Intestine $2,926
Knowles, Helen Political Sci Faculty SCA                   The Real West Coast Hotel v. Parrish: A Case of Many Stories $2,966
Islam, Mohammad Physics Faculty SCA                                                        Fabrication of Lithium Ion Batteries Using Nanoparticle Based Electrodes and Improvement of Battery Power Density Through Nanoionics $3,000
Pippin, Douglass Anthropology Faculty SCA William Twiss and the American Revolution in Canada: An Archaeological Perspective $3,000
Bendinskas, Kestutis Chemistry Faculty SCA Health Effects of Arsnecic Exposure in West Bengali Children $3,000
Diddi, Arvind Comm Studies Faculty SCA News Media Bias in the 2016 Presidential Campaign and Framing of the Public Policy Issues $2,000
Usuanlele, Uyilawa History Faculty SCA Is Islam in Decline Among the Benin and Esan Edo of Nigeria? : A Historical Perspective $2,815
Kanbur, Shashi Physics Faculty SCA Collaboration with Konkoly Observatory, Hungary, European Southern Observatory, Munich, Germany $2,000
Dragonmir, Cristina-Ioana Political Sci Faculty SCA Nomads and Criminals: Struggle for Social Justice From the Margins; the 'Gypsies' in Europe and India $3,000
Bush, Richard Tech Ed Faculty SCA Building an Iron Casting Furnace $1,825
Fall 2015
Name Department Grant Type Project Title Amount
Bidwell, Amy HPW Faculty SCA BOUNCE: Creating Healthy Lives One Child at a Time $2,999.99
Leclerc, Christina; Taylor, Roger Psychology Faculty SCA Emotion Regulatory Process Success Utilizing Biofeedback from Smartwatches $1,500
Schmitz, Eric                                          Music Faculty SCA                         Recording an Entire CD of Orginal Music for Chamber Jazz Group $3,000
Spenceley, Laura; Woods, Whitney CPS Faculty SCA Predicting the Extended Time Necessary for Equal Access $1,306.15
Mushtare, Rebecca Art Faculty SCA After the Yellow Wallpaper $2,985
Metzgar, Richard Art Faculty SCA Drawing from/across time: A Drawing Methodology for Ceramic Ware $3,000