Early Start Program Fellowship Recipients

You can find a list of all ESP fellows, along with their contact information, within the link below:
ESP Directory

Name Department
John Lindstedt Computer Science
Zoe Misiewicz Mathematics
Gilian Tenbergen Psychology
Donna Green Graphic Design
Minhao Dai Communication Studies
Andrea Vickery Communication Studies
Najah Zaaeed Health Promotion and Wellness
Joshua Plencer Political Science
Courtney Doucette History
Tiffany Deater English and Creative Writing
Soma Frazier English and Creative Writing
Name Department
Daniel Baldassarre Biological Sciences
Jessalyn Bolkema Mathematics
Gi Woong Choi Computer Science
Roger Guy Public Justice
Elizabeth Keida Health Promotion and Wellness
Jae Woong Lee Computer Science
Alan Martin Music
Zheng Hao Mathematics
Jenny Rosenberg Communication Studies
Name Department
Thomas Brown Chemistry
Candis Haak History
Brian Hough Atmospheric and Geological Sciences
Latoya Lee Sociology
Daniel Schlegel Computer Science
Kristin Sotak Marketing and Management
Serenity Sutherland Communication Studies
Michele Thornton Marketing and Management
Katherine Thweatt Communication Studies
Eric Zheng Marketing and Management
Name Department
Alanna Ossa Anthropology
Charlene Harris Human Development
Jamie Alexander Human Development
Matthew Baker Chemistry
Sarah Hanusch Mathematics
Shokouh Haddadi Chemistry
Sungeun Kim ECE
Victoria Chiu Accounting Finance and Law
Yulia Artemenko Biological Sciences
Sien Hu Psychology
Lindsay Bell Anthropology
Jinyan Guo Biological Sciences
Name Department
Emily Bovier Psychology
Roberta Hurtado English and Creative Writing
Adin Lears English and Creative Writing
Jeremy Shifton Public Justice
Michael Veres Atmospheric and Geological Sciences
Name  Department
Napatsorn Jiraporn (Pom) Marketing and Management
Brian Moritz Communication Studies
Elizabeth Stevens Curriculum and Instruction
Julien Bachelier Biological Sciences
Kathleen Blake Anthropology
Adam Fay Psychology
Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan Biological Sciences
Mohammad Islam Physics
Maria Sagot Biological Sciences
Bonita Graham Mathematics
Name Department
Sandra Bargainnier Health Promotion and Wellness
Fiona Coll English and Creative Writing
Nin Dingra Chemistry
David Dunn Biological Sciences
Qing Freya Liu Psychology
Tiphanie Gonzalez Counseling and Psychological Services
Vadoud Niri Chemistry
Tamara Sullivan Counseling and Psychological Services
Elizabeth Wilcox Mathematics
Murat Yasar History
Aleksandra Kraszpulska Theater
Douglas Guerra English and Creative Writing
Name Department
Isabelle Bichindaritz Computer Science
Amy Bidwell Health Promotion and Wellness
Graham Bradley Atmospheric and Geological Sciences
Christopher Chandler Biological Sciences
Melissa Dodd Communication Studies
Benjamin Entner Art
Laura Papish Philosophy
Theo Rhodes Psychology
Kubrom Teka Mathematics
Richard Weyhing History