Catalog Price List

Item NumberItem DescriptionPriceUnit of Issue
5160Class Record Book Red4.43book
5240#10 Envelope 12.70box/d
5245#10 Envelope with Return and Indicia9.20box/d
5280#9 Envelope with Return8.00box/d
5320#6 Envelope with Return6.00box/d
5360#10 Window Envelope13.65box/d
5365#10 Window Envelope with Indicia6.15box/d
54006 X 9 Brown Envelope3.50box/c
5410Tyvek Envelope 9 X 1228.00box/c
5420Tyvek Expansion Envelope 10 x 1229.30box/l
543010 X 12 First Class Brown Envelope6.30box/c
544010 x 12 Brown Envelope6.00box/c
544510 x 12 Brown Envelope with Indicia5.50box/c
548012 x 15 1/2 Brown Envelope6.20box/c
5500IBM Answer Sheets30.82ream
5520Examination Blue Books6.00pkg/l
5560Interoffice Envelope 11 x 4 3/48.50pkg/c
5680Letterhead Stationary13.00ream
8100E-Z Seal Solution10.401/2 gal

Please note

  • Indicia is the bulk mail insignia in the upper right hand corner of the envelope.  These envelopes are to be used for standard bulk mailings.
  • All envelopes issued through Central Stores have the SUNY Oswego logo in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.
  • State Car Requests and Travel Requests can be found online
  • In the unit of issue the letters mean the following
    d = 500
    c = 100
    l = 50
  •  Fill out 4-part Requisition form to order catalog items and send interoffice to "STORES" building #11