**  To be in compliance with the United States Postal Service for Impb; Commercial Based Pricing all packages that weigh 13 ounces or heavier will need a Ship Request made out to accompany the package coming over to the Mail Room for processing.  Using the Ship Request will ensure that the address is entered in accurately and also when you include your email address you will receive a tracking number for that piece of mail.  If you are in need of having Ship Request installed on your computer please contact the mail room via or calling x2217

  1. Mail must be banded together with the department name and/or function number including any suffix on every piece of mail.
  2. 1st Class brown clip envelopes can not go out at the educational material rate.

  3. All mail must either be sealed, flapped or tucked. If using 1st Class Bulk it is very important to seal the pieces.

  4. Certified Mail must have proper paperwork filled out and attached to the mail piece. If you do not attach it to the mail piece it will be sent back to your department for you to do, this will delay the item leaving campus.

  5. International mail must be sealed and bundled separately.

  6. Mail that already had postage on it should be bundled separately.

  7. All on campus mail must be bundled per building.

  8. Postcards should be on the top of a bundle, not stuck in the middle of a bundle.

  9. Size #6 envelopes must be sealed before coming to the mail room.

  10. All envelopes need to be facing the same direction.

  11. Over stuffed envelopes must be sealed before coming over to the mail room.

  12. All mail must be placed in envelopes if leaving the campus. No folded paper with a staple or tab.

  13. All manila envelopes must be sealed (if they are clasped, must be clasped down fully) before coming to the mail room.

  14. All outgoing mail that uses a function number must have an acceptable return address that includes the campus address with department name.

  15. Bar coded function number card must be attached to the top piece of mail in your bundle, this includes single pieces of mail.

If these procedures are not followed, the mailing will be returned to the department secretary and will result in a delay of up to three days for the mail to leave the campus.