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One video, 60 seconds, countless reasons to consider SUNY Oswego.

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Explore our nearly 200 clubs and organizations that can forge connections and create opportunities.

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The first Homecoming in decades will unfold Nov. 14 with a host of spirited activities.

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Lakeshore college continues climb in ratings, reviews.

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Supplies Order Form

To order supplies, print out this page and fill in the amounts. Fax it to us at (315) 312-2957.


Please do not attempt to use for Central Stores

 ____ 1 Foot Envelope Trays ____ 2 Foot Envelope Trays
 ____ 2 Foot Deep EMM Trays ____ #3 Sacks (Bulk Mail Bags)
 ____ Express Envelopes ____ Certified Cards
 ____ Return Receipt Forms ____ Priority Envelopes
 ____ Mail Bins 

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