First Class Bulk Mail

All departments mailing First Class with 500 or more pieces use First Class Bulk Mail.

Permit Indica

Presorted First Class
US Postage Paid
Permit 6
Oswego, NY 13126

First Class Bulk Mail Procedures

  • Must be 500 or more pieces
  • Need the Permit #6 indicia in the upper right hand corner
  • Must be in zip code order
  • All envelopes must be sealed, or nested before sending to the mailroom
  • Must be exact weight and content
  • No international mail

After the above requirements have been met, the department must mark the mailing with the correct function/account number.

**Please follow Bar Code Program in Standard Bulk Mail Procedures**

If a bulk mailing is being outsourced to a different Mail House, a copy of charges/paperwork should be sent to the SUNY Mailroom.