Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee

Standing Committee - The purpose of the committee is to:
  • promote and encourage scholarly and creative activity including enhancement of the climate, resources, opportunity, and recognition for faculty, staff, and students.conducting scholarly and creative activities;
  • assist the Associate Provost for Research Development and Administration and act as an advisory committee for this office;
  • advise the president and provost in matters relating to scholarly and creative activity and assist them with recognizing and supporting scholarly and creative activity and grant development by faculty, staff, and students.

Membership: As there are many types of scholarly and creative activities expressive of different areas of study, the committee should have a large and diverse membership. The group meets once a month on Wednesday mornings.

Membership for 2017-2018:

Dean Crawford, co-chair, Accounting Finance and Law
Isabelle Bichindaritz, co-chair, Computer Science
Lyudmyla Ardan, Economics
Matthew Baker, Chemistry
Kestutis Bendinskas, Chemistry
Christopher Chandler, Biological Sciences
Fiona Coll, English and Creative Writing
Iona Coman, Computer Science
Arvind Diddi, Communication Studies
Adam Fay, Psychology
Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan, Biological Sciences
Tiphanie Gonzalez, Counseling and Psychological Services
Douglas Guerra, English and Creative Writing
Charlene Harris, Human Development
Jessica Harris, Health Promotion
Mohammad Islam, Physics
Lisa Langlois, Art
Grace Maxon-Clark, Office of Learning Support Services
Alanna Ossa, Anthropology
Bruce Peng, Curriculum and Instruction
Jenny Rosenberg, Communication Studies
Eric Schmitz, Music
Jeremy Shifton, Public Justice
Alfred Stamm, Atmospheric and Geological Science
Murat Yasar, History
Hui Zhang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

ex officio:

William Bowers, Associate Provost for Research Development and Administration
Taejin Jung, Communication Studies, RISE Coordinator