Get Started with Banner 9

May 14, 2018

Banner 9 will be the standard by Fall 2018, replacing (you guessed it) Banner 8. According to Sue Fisk, Assistant Director of CTS, “Banner 9 offers an enhanced user experience. And if you aren’t using local enhancements (if you are, you’ll know), you can use Google Chrome for the first time ever.” Here are some helpful tips to begin.


Having trouble reading Banner? Use these shortcuts:

What happens to your email account after graduation?

May 10, 2018

After you graduate, you may be wondering what happens to your SUNY Oswego-issued email address?

As a courtesy, those who graduate from SUNY Oswego keep their accounts for as long as they like. There is one stipulation…

Alternative Penfield Printing Locations

May 04, 2018

Penfield Library has experienced a power outage that has closed the building 5/4/18.  Penfield has quick print stations that are used quite heavily this time of year. Since these will be unavailable until the power is restored, we wanted to share alternative print locations.  They are listed below.

You can also print from your own laptop to some of these locations.  You can reference our article on Personal Printing for more information.

Easy Access to Specialized Software With Citrix

Apr 13, 2018

You can access many of our specialized software packages on campus using what are called virtual applications. The applications are stored on a Citrix server. A user from a PC, a Mac, a Chromebook, or even an iPad can use the Internet to run the application that they need. We like to compare it to how Netflix works.  When you access a show or movie on Netflix, it isn’t actually on your device.

Bridging Analog Film & Digital Technology: A TIP Grant Case Study

Apr 10, 2018

Ten years ago, Film Studies was born of the Communication Studies and English & Creative Writing departments. It began with a small set of students, some old gear, and a dream. Since its inception, the program has grown exponentially, and with it the need for new technologies to fuel its growth.

Managing Your Facebook Workplace Notifications

Apr 09, 2018

When you first sign on to use Facebook Workplace, the amount of notifications it sends can be daunting. So as a first step, you may want to disable notifications, or at least decrease the frequency a bit.

How to Edit Notifications via a Desktop/Laptop Browser

Click on the gear icon on the top right of your News Feed. Then select Settings, then Notifications on the left.