Technology Tips When Returning to Work

As SUNY Oswego employees return to campus for office work, Campus Technology Services (CTS) wants to make your transition as seamless as possible. Please note the following items:

  1. laptop keyboardIf you have not used your office computer recently, please allow it to complete necessary Windows or Mac OS updates. This includes updates you may see from Ivanti Endpoint Manager to fix an issue connecting to campus storage (O: drive) on Windows computers. These updates could take several hours depending on how many are needed. Several reboots could be required. 
  2. If you need to use a webcam for your office computer and have been using a SUNY Oswego-issued webcam from home, please bring it to the office. If you do not have one and will need to use one from your office, please submit a Help Desk request.
  3. If you forwarded your SUNY Oswego desk phone extension to an off-campus number, you can undo this by submitting the Employee Call Forwarding REMOVAL Request Form.
  4. CTS has reached out directly to employees who have loaned equipment. As a reminder, please refer to your email to schedule an appointment for the return if you have not already done so.

Any additional technical questions or concerns can be directed to the Help Desk.