Final Reminder: Blackboard to Brightspace Migration

August 17, 2022

This is a final reminder that all fall 2022 courses will be taught or supplemented with Brightspace. We are happy to report that many faculty have completed the transition or are well on their way. However, if you have not started migrating your courses yet, it is imperative you do so as soon as possible, as fall classes start next week.

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Recent Increase in Phishing Messages

August 3, 2022

There has been an increase in “phishing” emails this week. Some are very convincing, but they are also very dangerous. Campus Technology Services would like to share the following tips for recognizing and avoiding these scams.

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Blackboard to Brightspace Migration Update

July 22, 2022

We're writing to remind you that the campus is migrating from Blackboard to Brightspace for the Fall 2022 semester. All courses taught with or supplemented by Blackboard need to migrate. With four weeks remaining before the start of the semester, we are happy to report that many faculty are well on their way to making the transition. If you have not started migrating your Fall 2022 courses, we encourage you to start now to avoid start-of-semester issues. We recommend allocating a couple of weeks per course migration.

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Sean Moriarty Receives Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service

July 13, 2022

Campus Technology Services is proud to announce that our Chief Technology Officer, Sean Moriarty, has received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service.

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Additional Layer of Authentication for Campus Services

March 10, 2022

Passwords are no longer considered to be the most secure way to protect digital data and services. Instead, many organizations are adding a second layer of security in addition to a password. Often this layer involves using something that a user physically has such as a smartphone or hardware token. An example of this is online banking where you can have a code sent to your cell phone. This is called multi-factor authentication (MFA) and it is coming to SUNY Oswego.

Password plus proof of 2nd authentication gives you access to service with more security

Campus Compatibility with Apple's new macOS Monterey

March 10, 2022

Apple released macOS Monterey (macOS 12), its newest operating system on Oct. 25, 2021. At the time, Campus Technology Services (CTS) urged the campus not to upgrade until they were able to test network and campus software compatibility.

Upon the completion of CTS' testing and evaluation, faculty and staff may now choose to upgrade to Monterey. Before doing so, please be aware of the following:

Email Scam Circulating on Campus

February 3, 2022

Some SUNY Oswego students have received an email scam containing a vaguely described job offer. The email is from either ‘Samula Patti’ or ‘Cassandra Spencer’ with the subject of “→ EXPERIENCE CAREER AT SUNY OSWEGO←.” The email appears to be a check fraud/wire transfer scam, where fraudulent checks are sent via courier or mail to the victims. Do not respond to these emails. Instead, ignore and delete them.

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Campus Minitab Licensing Changes

January 4, 2022

CTS has been actively working with our SUNY hosting provider regarding changes to the Minitab licensing model. The license will switch from a license code model to a named user model where you will authenticate using your SUNY Oswego email address and password to gain access to the product. This change is scheduled to take place on Jan. 1.

Winter Break-out 5-day Accessibility Challenge!

December 21, 2021

Have you heard about the SUNY Oswego 5-day Accessibility Challenge? As we continue to spend an increasing amount of time in online and virtual environments, understanding digital accessibility is more critical than ever. This winter, the Laker community is coming together to make the digital content our campus shares more accessible for everyone.

Zoom Recordings from Spring and Summer 2021 to be Removed 1/17/22

December 15, 2021

On Jan. 17 at 8 a.m., Campus Technology Services (CTS) will remove Zoom recordings from the spring 2021 and summer 2021 semesters to free up file storage.