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Mission Statement

The Department of Campus Life, Campus Recreation Mission: To engage students in out of class experiences through involvement in student organizations, recreational programs and leadership development that allows students to develop and maximize skills and competencies which will give them a comparative advantage upon graduation.

Vision & Values

The Department of Campus Life, Campus Recreation Vision & Values: We envision a co-curricular environment where all students engage in transformative experiences as a part of our premier residential college community.

WE VALUE and strive to sustain a vibrant, caring and just learning community. To that end, each individual member of our community commits to:
· respecting the unique strengths and experiences of ourselves and others, our creativity, and our desire to learn;
· understanding that our learning is enhanced through inquiry, exploration, practice and reflection;
· engaging in personal endeavors and collective activities that benefit our campus and community, enrich our educational experience, and broaden our understanding of the diversity and commonality of our shared human experiences.

Professional Staff


Sandra Keenan Jeffers
Campus Recreation


Scott Harrison
Assistant Director of Campus Recreation


Cassie Para

Cassie Para
Coordinator of Campus Recreation

Graduate Assistant Media Relations and Programs 

 Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports



SUNY Oswego 
Campus Recreation
101 Lee Hall

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