Campus Recreation provides assistance to 25 Club Sport organizations. All registered clubs are student initiated, run for and by the members. They give students the opportunity to participate in experiences with other students who share similar interests and goals. Clubs can either be recreational or competitive in nature, with competitive clubs competing against other schools.

For more information please contact the clubs directly in the links below

The following club sports are available at SUNY Oswego:

Club Sports

Badminton Club
Club Baseball 
Fencing Club
Flag Football Club
Ice Skating Club
Men's ACHA Hockey Team 
Men's Club Basketball
Men's Club Lacrosse 
Men's Club Soccer 
Men's Club Volleyball 
Men's Roller Hockey 
Men's Rugby Football Club 
Oswego State Crew Club 
Oswego State Equestrian 
Table Tennis Club 
Judo Club
TaeKwonDo Chung Do Kwan Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Women's Club Basketball 
Women's Club Soccer
Women's Club Softball 
Women's Club Lacrosse
Women's Club Ice Hockey
Women's Club Volleyball
Women's Rugby





Interested in Club Sports?

To join a club sport, contact the club through LakerLife or go the student involvment fair, the beginning of each semester. 

Other Recreational Clubs:

Del Sarte Dance Club
Bowling Club 
Fishing Club
Oswego Blasters(Paintball/Nerf)
Outdoors Club 
Ski & Snowboard Club

Laker Life

Still need more information?

More questions about club sports? Contact us at