Programs and Events

The Department of Campus Life provides many various programs throughout the course of the academic year for which students are strongly encouraged to participate in. These events are examples of productive means one may choose to spend time outside of classroom instruction and an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that is not captured in a textbook or lecture.

The following programs are held on an annual basis and are coordinated out of respective areas in Campus Life.

 MAIN OFFICE 135 Campus Center, 315.312.2301

CAMPUS RECREATION 101 Lee Hall, 315.312.3114

  • Facility Reservations
  • Campus Recreation Student Advisory Council

THE POINT 131 Campus Center, 315.312.5420

  • ALANA Student Leadership Conference
  • Leadership Development Series
  • Guidance and Advisement to Student Organizations
  • Advisement of Greek Council
  • Interpretation of Policies and Procedures
  • New Student Club/Organization Start-up Kit
  • Organization Advisors Training
  • Online Directory of Student Organizations
  • Student Organization Registration and Renewal
  • Risk Management Training
  • Student Involvement Fair
  • Student Involvement Awards
  • Student Organization Development

MAIN OFFICE * 135 CAMPUS CENTER * 315-312-2301