Adaptive Ice Sport Sled Information

The purpose of this program is to provide persons with the opportunity to enjoy integrated participation in SUNY Oswego's Open Skate sessions through the use of an adaptive ice sport sled. This sled can be checked-out from the SUNY Oswego Skate Shop for use by able-bodied persons, as well as those with physical disabilities. 

Originally designed for persons with mobility-related disabilities, the adaptive ice sport sled is a specialized device that has two skate blades mounted on a bracket which supports a metal frame and plastic seat.  The sled's frame is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of user sizes.  The sled comes with two short hockey sticks which have been equipped with small picks.  These allow the user to maneuver around the ice using only their upper body strength.  Skate Shop personnel are available to provide instruction for those who are using the sled for the first time.   

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