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Mary Tone Rodgers

Marcia Belmar Willock, Endowed Professor Finance



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Completing her MBA at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University in Evanston IL in 1981, Mary worked at Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith in a variety of capacities for 30 years before completing her doctorate at Pace University in New York City in 2011. A CFA Charterholder, Mary continues to advise in an asset management practice today. Her research interests include financial markets, banking and financial history and financial crises and she holds a Chandler Research Fellowship in Business History at Harvard Business School. She has presented her work at the National Bureau of Economic Research, at the Center for Applied Economics and Policy Research and at the Federal Reserve. Mary's work has been published in the Review of Financial Economics, Journal of Economic History, the Quarterly Journal of Austrian EconomicsResearch in Economic History and the Immigrant Entrepreneurship project sponsored by the Department of the Treasury of the Federal Republic of Germany. In 2019-2020, she served as Guest Editor for Review of Financial Economics, Special Edition on “Patterns in Post-Financial Crisis Periods.” 


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Rodgers, Mary T. and Payne, James E. “Post-Crisis Changes in Financial System Structure: An Examination of the J. P. Morgan & Co. Syndicates after the 1907 Panic,” (Forthcoming, 2020) Review of Financial Economics, Special Edition on Patterns in Post-Financial Crisis Periods.
  • Rodgers, Mary T. and Payne, James E.  “Monetary Policy and the Copper Price Bust: A Reassessment of the Causes of the 1907 Panic,” (2018) Research in Economic History, 99-133, Emerald Publishing Limited.
  • Rodgers, Mary T. “German Immigrants and J. P. Morgan’s Securities’ Underwriting Syndicates from 1879 through 1918,” (2015), Immigrant Entrepreneurship: The German Experience in America, The German Historical Institute, Washington DC.
  • Rodgers, Mary T. and Payne, James E., (2014). “How the Bank of France changed US equity expectations and ended the Panic of 1907,” The Journal of Economic History, 74 (2), 420-448.
  • Rodgers, Mary T. and Wilson, B. K., (2011). “Systemic risk, missing gold flows and the Panic of 1907,” Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 14 (2), 158-187.

Book Reviews

  • Richard A. Naclerio, The Federal Reserve and its Founders: Money, Politics and Power. Agenda Publishing, 2018. By Mary Tone Rodgers for EH.Net, February 2019.
  • Mary Eschelbach Hansen and Bradley A. Hansen, Bankrupt in America: A History of Debtors, Their Creditors and the Law in the Twentieth Century. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2020. By Mary Tone Rodgers for EH.Net, June 2020. 

Awards and honors

  • 2015 President's Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement
  • Open-SUNY Award for Online Teaching Excellence, February, 2016
  • Outstanding Professorship, SUNY-Oswego Residence Hall Association, April 2019