Information and Forms

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I-9 Form

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service Nomination Form

Professional Employee Performance Program Form

Professional Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Accident Report

Emergency Preparedness Memorandum

SUNY Self Identification of Disability Form

SUNY Veteran Self Identification Form

UUP Tuition Waiver & Procedures

B140W tuition/fee assistance for classified staff

Leave Request (Other Than Sabbatical) (PDF, 33KB)

2014 Search Resources Guide

Final Search Report

Secretaries Breakfast 2015 Presentation

Payroll Forms


Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit Reactivation Form

Federal Tax Form- W-4- Fill in Form

State Tax Form-IT-2104-Fill in Form

W-2 - Reissue-Request (Letter of Request)

Leave Donation Form

Adjunct Instructor Pay Schedule

Classified Employee Time Sheet

Classified Employee Time Sheet-Fill in Form

Student Temporary Service Time Sheet

Student Employee Payroll Instructions

Workers' Compensation Pharmacy Benefits

2015 Waiver of Additional Money for Holiday Work

Medical Documentation Form - Non Work Related

Medical Documentation Form - Work Related

403(B)/Retirement Salary Reduction Agreement

Over40 Comp Time II Pilot Program Description

Over40 Comp Time II Pilot Program Enrollment Form

Extra Service Form




2014 Holiday & Payday Calendar

2015 Holiday & Payday Calendar

Student Payroll Calendar

Unclassified Calendar 2014

2014-2015 Classified and Hourly Pay Schedules





Questions Concerning Honoraria

Conflict of Interest & Professional Ethics

Sexual Harassment Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

Domestic Violence Policy

Effective January 1, 2015 Tobacco Smoke-Free Policy

Employee Separation Procedure - Components to Consider

SUNY Oswego Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Title IX




2015 UUP PEP Enrollment Form

2015 CSEA/PEF PEP Enrollment Form

Affordable Care Act - Notice to Employees

Flex Spending Account

Long-Term Care Insurance (PDF 2.41 KB)

Leave for Breast Cancer Screening (PDF 2.60 KB)

Leave for Prostate Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening Leave Form

Employee Change of Address

Health Insurance Enrollment Form- PS 404

Workers' Compensation Pharmacy Benefits

Long-Term Disability 

Health Insurance Opt Out Form

CSEA Prescription Drug Co-Pay Reimbursement 

NYS Balance June 2015 Flyer


Training & Development


NYS-CSEA Partnership for Education and Training

NYS-CSEA Partnership Courses

NYS-CSEA Partnership Spring 2015 Skills for Success Course Catalog

           Webinar Courses-Summer 2015

NYS-CSEA Partnership Commercial Driver's License Program

NYS-CSEA Partnership Online Learning Certificate Programs

NYS-CSEA Partnership Online Courses

          Working with Difficult People

          Professionalism in the Workplace

Performance Programs & Performance Evaluations for Professional Employees


Student Forms


Student Worker Retirement Option

Your College Students Benefits

Student Verification for Health Insurance 

Student Temporary Service Time Sheet

Student Employee Payroll Instructions

Student Temporary Service Appointment Form

Appointment/Positions Forms


Unclassified Service Appointment Form

Unclassified Appointment Form- Fill-In

Classified Service Request to Fill Form

Request to Fill Position Form-Non-Classified position

Classified Reclassification Request Form


Time Sheet Information and Forms


Electronic Time and Attendance (ETA) -- log in 
SUNY Self Service Website Instructions

ETA Documentation:

Please note: documentation for CSEA employees will be posted at a later date.