Vacancies and Room Changes

The Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing, or designee, reserves the right to reassign residents, maintain rooms at their assigned occupancy by filling vacancies, and adjust the occupancy of rooms. Further, the Assistant Vice President, or designee, may reassign any room at their discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, reassigning students assigned to ADA-accessible living units in the event that such living units are needed for students requiring such accommodations. 

In the event a student fails to officially check-in to the residential facility and occupy their assigned room by 5:00 pm on the first day of classes, the room may be reassigned unless prior arrangements for late arrival have been made with Residence Life and Housing in writing. 

Failure to officially check-out of, and/or remove personal belongings from the residential community without prior approval from Residence Life and Housing may result in continuing liability for room charges and/or financial charges for removal and temporary storage of personal belongings. 

When a vacancy arises in a room/suite/townhouse with more than one occupant, the manner in which the vacancy will be filled is largely dependent upon the timing of the vacancy. When possible, while classes are in session during a regular academic semester, residents remaining in partially-filled living units will be given the opportunity to either request a specific new room/suite/housemate(s) or agree to consolidate with other students in under-occupied living units. 

Due to the College’s commitment to provide on-campus housing for the upcoming semester’s incoming new students, Residence Life and Housing does not offer residents the opportunity to request their new room/suite/housemate(s) when vacancies arise December 1st through at least the first week of classes for the spring semester and over the summer. During these time periods, Residence Life and Housing fills these vacancies based on institutional needs. 

Residents remaining in partially-filled rooms must have their room in move-in condition within one class day of receiving notification of the assignment of new roommate(s). Failure to do so or failure to accept a roommate when assigned may result in conduct charges.

When vacancies arise in gender inclusive living units, the remaining residents may be given the opportunity to request a specific new room/suite/housemate(s). When such vacancies are not filled in this way, Residence Life and Housing may opt to convert the living unit to single-gender and relocate those residents affected by the change.


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