Use, Care and Responsibility for Room and Furnishing

Residents will be held responsible for any deterioration in the condition of their assigned room/suite/townhouse (including both sides of doors), its assigned furnishings, assigned bulletin board (as applicable) and for any loss or damage other than normal wear that may occur during their occupancy. All occupants of a living unit may be held equally responsible for losses or damages to the living unit or its furnishings and/or fixtures, including cost of replacement or repair and all reasonable expenses resulting therefrom. Residents of a living unit are responsible for the security and use of the living unit in accordance with College and Residence Life and Housing policies, rules and regulations. Charges for loss or damage will be added to the student’s College bill and are to be paid within 30 days. 

Unauthorized use of furnishings or fixtures, including but not limited to the moving of furnishings provided in a common area into or to a resident’s living unit, is prohibited and shall result in a liability for the expense of return to the common area and/or repair or replacement of said furnishings or fixtures. Any unauthorized repairs and/or alterations made to the premises or its furnishings by a resident shall not mitigate any damage expense incurred by the resident. The College will not be liable for the amount of money incurred by the resident or any expense for the resident’s services resulting from unauthorized alteration or enhancement of the premises, its fixtures, or its furnishings. If a student receives prior authorization from the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or designee, repairs and/or improvements may be made that could mitigate damage expenses if such work is accepted and approved by the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or designee. 

Assessment for damaged or missing property shall be made in accordance with the schedule of charges prepared by the Department of Residence Life and Housing. Items not covered by this schedule will be assessed by proportion of depreciation or the cost in labor and materials to restore them. Residents are expected to report to staff specific items which they notice as damaged or in need of repair in their assigned living unit, public areas and corridors. 

Resident’s rooms are furnished with beds and mattresses, desks and desk chairs, dressers, floor lamp(s), mirrors, and wastebaskets. Rooms without closets are furnished with armoires. Each item within the room is inventoried and assigned to the room. The exact inventoried items must be in the room upon final inspection prior to checking out. Residents must review with a Residence Life and Housing staff member and sign the Room/Suite/Townhouse Inventory and Condition Record form prior to taking occupancy. Upon termination of occupancy, residents must have a staff member inspect the condition of the room/suite/townhouse; whenever possible, the resident will be informed and assessed a repair or replacement charge for damaged or missing items. Residents may appeal all or any part of the damage assessment with the exception of those who choose the “Express Checkout” option or fail to checkout. Payment is to be made by the resident or parent or legal guardian whose signature appears on this license, within thirty (30) days of the date the charge was placed on the student’s College bill. 

Removal of College furnishings from a resident’s room may result in liability to the occupant(s) for the replacement cost of the item(s) or expense incurred by the College as a result of such unauthorized removal. No such removal shall be deemed authorized unless designated in writing, dated, and signed by the resident and the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or designee.

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