Students offer advice for settling in

We recently shared student tips for moving in, but what happens next? Students offered 5 tips for settling in, making friends and starting life as a SUNY Oswego resident.

From Caitlin Galvin:

1. Don’t be worried about making friends. Everyone is in the same position as you and want to make friends. Definitely try to reach out to the people that live in your building! If you’re in your room, keep your door open! It creates a friendly vibe inviting other residents to stop and say hi.

2. Be involved! Join clubs! This allows you to meet new people and add something of your resume! Also go to events put on by your building. You usually get something free and it makes RAs so happy. This also allows you to make friendships not only with the RAs but other residents in your building.

From Michael Drummond:

3. There are people you meet that can help you feel more at home, and if they can’t, they will point you in the right direction. The RMs, RAs, Hall Directors, Peer Advisors and Adult Advisors all have their job because they love what they do and helping students is their passion. After I moved in, I was not nervous at all because of all the help that is offered. If you do not have a smooth transition, there are people whose job it is to help students. Don’t be afraid to go get help if you need it.

4. Participate with freshman activities because even though students might not think they need it, they do. The good thing is that everyone is in the same boat. Go to the freshman activities with an open mind and have a good time. For example, I went to Project Play, even though I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I met many students there that will be life-long friends.

From Alyssa Levenberg:

5. Just be social and open. Don’t hide in your room all weekend long.

Alyssa, the now-graduated video blogger behind our Alyssa Explains It All series, also offered this episode of advice about making friends.

Don’t forget that after #OzMoveIn (9 to 4), you’ll have adviser meetings at 4, followed by an all-campus picnic around 5 and then Welcoming Torchlight Ceremony at 8:30 p.m. … all to get you started as a Laker.

We look forward to having you join the SUNY Oswego community!