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Structured Learning

The Residence Life and Housing program at the State University of New York College at Oswego strives to provide students with a safe, healthy and attractive living environment which supports the educational mission of the College: To Learn; To Search; To Serve. The overall emphasis of the residential education program is to continue to promote learning outside the classroom and support the academic enterprise. Residence hall staff are educators. The primary focus of our professional, live-in staff is that of fostering student learning in all aspects of their residence hall experience. Some of the many ways in which staff accomplish this are educational programs, leadership opportunities and behavioral intervention.


Specifically, the goals of the residential education program are:

  • to promote the holistic growth and development of students: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and vocational
  • to teach students respect, responsibility for themselves and as members of the community, altruism, ethics and leadership
  • to create environments in which students value diversity of ethnicity, thought, culture and lifestyle.
  • to expose students to and encourage their participation in service to the campus and community at large
  • to provide learning experiences which assist students in adapting skills to their future lives of work and leisure.

Students living in residence will be provided with many significant opportunities to grow and develop in the areas mentioned above. The communities developed in the residence halls and the programs and activities they provide have the potential to profoundly impact the quality of life for resident students while enhancing their academic experience and supporting the academic mission of the college.


Some aspects of the aforementioned goals occur by virtue of the environment in which students live in residence; however, many are impacted specifically by the Residence Life Curriculum. The goals listed above will be accomplished through the following objectives.

Residence hall student programs based on:

  • Developmental needs - core issues for all students
  • Service projects coordinated by the Residence HallDirectors/Hall Councils
  • Residence hall community building activities
  • Faculty involvement in the assessment, delivery and evaluation of the above programs
  • Learning Outcomes: Civic engagement/humanitarianism, interpersonal development and intrapersonal competence

The Residence Life Curriculum is achieved through the use of the goals and objectives mentioned above. In determining which programs are most applicable for residents of specific residence halls, staff take into account the specific issues facing students at various stages of personal development. In addition to topics which pertain mainly to students at particular points in their college careers, there are also topics relevant to all college students.

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