Gender Inclusive Housing

The Department of Residence Life and Housing seeks to provide a living environment welcoming to all gender identities; one not limited by the traditional understanding of gender as only male and female. Gender inclusive housing provides a supportive environment where all residents can feel safe in their housing assignments with respect to their gender identity and gender expression. The gender inclusive housing option is open to all members of the campus community.


Gender inclusive housing is available across campus to students that request this living option. Students wishing to live in gender inclusive housing may request same-gender roommates, opposite-gender roommates, or other gender-identity pairings.

Gender inclusive housing is offered based on:

  1. Availability
  2. The student's compliance with published procedures and timetables for applications, agreements, and contract renewals

If a student requests to live in gender inclusive housing, but is not matched with another roommate, Residence Life and Housing will assign a roommate that has also requested gender inclusive housing. A roommate pairing is based on availability of students interested in gender inclusive housing. Students requesting gender inclusive housing must agree to and comply with the Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement.

Terms of Gender Inclusive Housing

Each resident requesting gender inclusive housing is expected to make a commitment to live in a gender inclusive assignment for the full academic year and make a commitment to inclusivity in the residence hall.

Only students who have requested gender inclusive housing and have signed the Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement will be placed in a mixed-gender room or suite. Residents must request to be assigned to a mixed-gender room or suite.

As per the Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement should a vacancy arise in a gender inclusive room the current resident will be given the option to select another mate that agrees to gender inclusive housing or to be matched with a random roommate selected by the Residence Life and Housing office. If the student selects a random roommate, Residence Life and Housing will work with the resident to assign the room as a mixed-gender or single gender room.

Students requesting a room change mid-semester must adhere to the room change process. Students residing in gender inclusive housing who request a room change mid-semester have the option to be placed in a different gender inclusive space (if available) or placed in a room with a roommate of the same identified gender as space is available.

Selecting Gender Inclusive Housing

Students wishing to share a room or suite with someone of a different gender must request gender inclusive housing on their housing application. Note that everyone wishing to share a room or suite with someone of a different identified gender must request gender inclusive housing when applying to live on-campus. Rooms, suites, and townhouses are single gender unless students request gender inclusive housing.

All incoming first-year and transfer students, as well as current undergraduate and graduate students may share a room or suite with someone of a different biological sex, gender, or gender identity, provided they also meet the requirements of the specific hall (Johnson, Onondaga, The Village).

The University encourages students to discuss this living option with their parents/guardians before selecting gender inclusive housing. All students who have reached the legal age of 17 are able to sign their own housing contracts. As a rule, students are not released from signed housing contracts due to changes in preferences.

The Department of Residence Life and Housing does not condone the use of this program for romantic couples.

How to Apply

  1. First, apply for housing at during the published dates for returning student and new student room selection processes. When applying for housing, read and sign the Housing and Dining Contract, answer the questions on the application and indicate your desire for gender inclusive housing.
  2. Match with your requested mate(s) and sign the Gender Inclusive Agreement at Students requesting Gender Inclusive Housing will only be able to match with other students with the same request.
  3. After completing steps 1 and 2 returning students will select from available rooms during the room selection process. New students will be assigned housing by Residence Life and Housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What led to the creation of the gender-inclusive housing option?

As we strive to create a welcoming, inclusive, and safe residential experience, offering gender inclusive housing both accommodates and respects the complexities of gender identity. Knowing that traditional, same-sex room assignments are not always comfortable and/or appropriate for all students, we found gender inclusive housing to be more welcoming for our students.

Out of respect for the uniqueness and validity of the self-perceptions and identities of our students, we are establishing gender inclusive housing options for our residential communities. Living in a room/suite/apartment that is not based on one's biological sex can further support the safety and comfort of our students who do not fit into others' expectations of gender presentations, expressions, or identity.

Who can participate in gender inclusive housing?

This option is available for all students through the Housing selection process. Students must indicate their request for gender inclusive housing on their housing application.

What if a student does not want to live in gender inclusive housing?

A student must request and agree to gender inclusive housing in order to be considered. Students who do not request will not be considered and will remain eligible for same gender housing assignments.

What if parents/legal guardians do not want their student to live in a gender inclusive housing room/suite/apartment?

We encourage all students to maintain an open dialogue with their families regarding housing decisions. Students over the age of 17 are legally able to make decisions about their housing agreements without parental consent. Students under 17 should discuss housing plans with their families, as they may be required to have parental consent.

Can people who are romantically involved live together?

Gender inclusive housing is not intended for romantic couples. As a rule, we would strongly advise against doing so. We respect and honor the privacy of our students, so current procedures do not require students to disclose their reason for roommate requests. However, please note that the Department of Residence Life and Housing strongly encourages students to reconsider living with a person with whom they are romantically involved, regardless of whether it is a same gender or different gender relationship. Some relationships are ready for this step while others are not, and there may be serious challenges for both students should the relationship end.

How do I select and find a roommate(s) who has chosen to live in Gender Inclusive Housing?

Students who request gender inclusive housing on their application will only be able to match with others requesting gender inclusive housing during the roommate selection process.