Dr. Walter Freund Memorial Scholarships

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Evaluator Form (can use same references as MD letter request)

The Dr. Walter Freund Memorial Trusts consists of a $60,000 gift to the SUNY Oswego from Annaliese Freund in memory of Dr. Walter Freund, MD. The annual income from this gift is to be used to "assist financially in the education of one or more students each year who are taking premedical courses." The following guidelines outline procedure to assess eligibility of applicants, and to determine award recipients.

There may be one or more scholarships each academic year, to be awarded at the Honors Convocation in spring semester.  These awards shall be an amount based on anticipated income from the invested principle (typically between $2,000-4,000 per award). Applicants shall have submitted a completed application, including a financial aid transcript, and shall show firm intent to matriculate at a medical college with the goal of earning the MD or DO degree. Applicants who have taken the MCAT must request that scores from that test be sent to the chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) at SUNY Oswego, 222 Marano Campus Center.  Applicants who have taken (by the deadline listed below) the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) will be preferred. A confidential file shall be opened for each applicant that will accumulate letters of recommendation, transcripts and scores, biographical information, as well as the formal application. (If you already have a completed file to be used for recommendation letters for medical school, we can/will use those letters of recommendation.)

Awards shall be based both on merit and need. Completed applications (with all supporting materials) are due to the Office of the HPAC Chair (222 Marano Campus Center) by the FIRST FRIDAY of NOVEMBER. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants may reapply for subsequent awards. A student automatically becomes ineligible for the award upon graduation from the college and students must be enrolled in the Spring semester after they apply to be eligible.

Completed applications shall be screened by the HPAC soon after the application deadline; a meeting with the HPAC will be scheduled with finalists for the Freund Award. In instances where there are no applicants or where no applicant is deemed worthy of the award, accumulated interest shall be added to the principle of the trust account. 

Application Form

Please send any questions to prehealth@oswego.edu