UUP Salary Equity Study

During negotiations for the 2016-2022 State/UUP Agreement, the parties agreed to develop guidelines and a methodology for a salary equity study to be conducted at each campus. The purpose of such study is to identify compression and inversion for UUP-represented employees. Salary inversion may exist when new employees are hired at salaries higher than experienced employees; compression may exist when salaries of experienced employees fail to maintain distance above salaries of new employees.

A State/SUNY/UUP executive-level committee developed guidelines and a methodology to analyze and identify the extent of salary compression and inversion, and the adopted guidelines and methodology have been utilized at SUNY Oswego. 

The agreement between the State and UUP also includes using 0.5% of the DSI to address identified compression and inversion.  The results of the analysis have been reviewed and considered in making decisions regarding distributing discretionary salary increases. In following the negotiated guidelines, and in an effort to be transparent, a summary of specific considerations made in the distribution of the 0.5% dedicated to addressing identified compression and inversion can be accessed by reviewing the Campus Compression/Inversion Report Form on the Human Resources website.

Employees who will receive salary increases will be notified via their campus email address the week of December 13, 2021. Increases for both the discretionary, merit-based awards and those based on the compression analysis will appear in paychecks dated December 22, 2021. The increases will be retroactive to July 1, 2021 for professional employees and employees with 12-month obligations, and September 1, 2021 for employees with academic year obligations.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at hr@oswego.edu.  

Date Posted: 12/16/21