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Our group studies the biochemical effects of lead and other metals on cardiovascular proteins in children; develops date-rape kits for the drug GHB; creates new biochemistry teaching experiments; in general, uses proteomics and molecular biology tools to study the area of science where biology meets chemistry.


  • Gump, B. B., Gabrikova, E., Bendinskas, K., Dumas, A. K., Palmer, C. D., Parsons, and MacKenzie, J. A., Low-Level Mercury in Children: Associations with Sleep Duration and Cytokines, 2014, Environmental Research, 134, 228–232.
  • Bendinskas, K.*, Weber, B., Nsouli, T., Nguyen, H. V., Joice, C., Niri, V. and Jaskolla, T. W., A teaching laboratory for comprehensive lipid characterization from food samples, 2014, Journal of Chemical Education, 91, 10, 1697–1701.
  • Cavalcante, R., Patil, S., Weymouth, T.E., Bendinskas, K.G., Karnovsky*, A., and Sartor*, Ma.A., ConceptMetab: Exploring relationships among metabolite sets to identify links among biological concepts, 2016, Bioinformatics, 1–8.


  • Bendinskas, K.* (March 2016) “Lead, mercury, sleep, and inflammatory markers in adolescents: An OMICS approach”, ACS national meeting, San Diego, CA


Post-doctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins University, 1996–1997
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, 1996