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Lakeshore college continues climb in ratings, reviews.

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Emeriti Faculty

Dr. Willard Allen (deceased)
Dr. Kolan Bisbee
Austin Blake (deceased)
Norwood Baughman (deceased)
Dr. John Boronkay 
Wesley Boydston 
Joseph Braco (deceased)
Charles Coward (deceased) 
Dr. Vincent D'Ambrosio  
David Faux 
Donald Feck 
Philip Gaines
Carl Gerbracht (deceased)
Arthur Greer (deceased)
Dr. William Hanks (deceased)
Taylor Harter (deceased)
Dr. James Hastings (deceased)
Harry Hawkins  (deceased)
William Huss (deceased)
Dr. David Kelsey 
Dr. Merlin Kleinbach 
Dr. Cheng Liu (deceased)
Sandy McWilliams (deceased)
Dr. Joseph C. Park (deceased)
Dr. J. Richard Pfund (deceased)
Dr. Charles Phallen (deceased)
Thoman Putnam 
Dr. Kenvyn Richards 
Dr. Frank Robinson (deceased)
Dr. Carlton Salvagin  
Dr. Leroy Sanders 
Dr. Charles Shoemaker (deceased)
Dr. Ronald Sorensen 
John Sumerville (deceased)
Charles Sweeting (deceased)
William Todd (deceased)
Dr. Vernon Tryon -
Dr. William Waite
Dr. Gordon O. Wilber (deceased)