Department of Technology

The Department of Technology holds our central mission to prepare knowledgeable, skillful, and technologically literate professionals to serve education and business. We present hands-on, technology-based undergraduate and graduate curricula to educate:

  • Technology teachers for schools (BS and MS degree, certified by New York State)
  • Technology managers for business (BS degree)

Graduates are encouraged to pursue career paths through their informed use of technology professional concepts, ethics, and social justice. We aim to provide candidates with a wide breadth of skills and to adapt to diverse and ever-changing scenarios. 

Mr. Richard Bush, Department Chair
103C Park Hall, 315-312-3011

Ms. Erin Leary, Department Administrative Assistant
103 Park Hall, 315.312.3011

Mr. Ronald Alexander
Technology Management Internship Faculty Sponsor
115 Park Hall, 315.312.6643

Ms. Karin Dykeman, Graduate Program Coordinator
103F Park Hall, 315.312.2830

School of Education
Dr. Laura M. Spenceley, Dean
302C Park Hall, 315.312.2102