Why study technology at Oswego

Opportunities in technology

The Department of Technology likes to think of its recruitment program as a way of providing "opportunities in technology" and what great opportunities there are! Our department is one of the largest of its type in the country. The majority of the undergraduates are in the teaching bachelor of science program, but the technology management degree is growing quickly.  There are about 700 school districts in New York state, and nearly 2500 technology teachers. Typically, about 10 percent of those teachers need to be replaced each year, due to attrition. This would be 250 teachers needed! Our graduating classes are typically about 50 students, so one sees how many employment opportunities there are in only New York state!

Add to this the need in other states, particularly those up and down the East Coast, and the outlooks are terrific. This employment trend has been active for at least 25 years, and is only getting stronger as the number of Baby Boomer teachers retire. Also, salaries of SUNY Oswego technology graduates are typically some of the highest on campus, competing with accounting, computer science and others, especially when considering an academic year (10-month) adjusted basis.

Students with a variety of hands-on technical skills (not ONLY computer skills!), presentation and organizational skills, and academic skills, are highly valued in school and business workplaces. Our students leave knowing a little about many technologies, and are easily refocused to their place of employment. Their knowledge is combined with practice, so they can do more than just "talk on the phone," as one alumnus put it.

"Opportunities in technology" is our recruitment slogan, and is surely not an empty promise!