Electronic contribution

2017 Central New York SEFA Campaign electronic pledging instructions

  • Log on to the NYS SEFA Give at the Office Page.
  • Check out the 2017 ePledge Instructions PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Where you see the green PLEDGING IS ON circle, choose register (1st time visitors) or login for returning donors.
  • Select your division from the list.
  • For first time, click on REGISTER (in future years, select LOG IN).
  • Choose log in with my username/password or recover my username/password.
  • To create an account, you will enter your USER ID NUMBER and PASSWORD.
  • You will need to know your New York State Employee Number (from your paystub). The number begins with N. (This is not the same as your campus ID number)
  • Our Department ID is 887.
  • You will select your State Agency/Organization/Entity from a list provided.
  • Click on Central NY/Seneca County Charities to donate to a LOCAL organization. (96 charities in all).
  • Select payroll deduction and indicate a TOTAL dollar amount.
  • Multiple organizations can be donated to.
  • NO MATH ERRORS OR LEGIBILITY ISSUES, and no forms to collect!
  • You will receive email confirmation of your registration and a second email summarizing your pledge from www.giveattheoffice.org
  • In future years, prior year info is saved. If interested, you can repeat prior year info, contributions, etc. so remember you USER ID and PASSWORD!
  • If you are stepping up, don't forget to fill out the Step Up Challenge Fill and Print Form.  Print the form and  send to Angela Galvin, 705 Culkin Hall, Bldg. #26 using the confidential envelope provided in your SEFA packet.

Questions: Sheila at sheila@sefanyc.org

Disclaimer: The steps identified above MAY NOT be in the same exact sequence as the online process, hence the items are not numbered. The information presented is correct.