SEFA Building Representatives

Have a question? Reach out to your SEFA Building Representative. If you need further information, you can contact the SEFA committee directly at the contact information below.

2021-2022 SEFA Building Representatives

First Name Last Name Building Building Number Email Phone Address
Morgan Bond Penfield Library #17 3562 Penfield Library 110
Mallory Bower MCC/Poucher #3 3068 MCC 145V
Alissa Canale Lee Hall #4 3202 Lee Hall B6E
Sherri Devercelly MCC/Poucher #3 3200 Maintenance
Cynthia DeWolf Maintenance #12 3221 Maintenance 220
Kristin Gublo Shineman Center #8 2742 Shineman Center G02A
Bob Hageny Lanigan Hall #6 6519 Lanigan Hall 29B
Kristen Haynes Rice Creek Field Station #23 6678 Rice Creek Field Station 193 Thompson Road
Stephanie Lamb King Hall #22 6402 King Hall 203
Shelley Love Sheldon Hall #1 5558 Sheldon Hall 219
Tara Allen Magner Rich Hall/
Service Building
#14 / #20 2535 Rich Hall 139
Pattie Miller Mary Walker Health Center #10 4416 MWHC 113
Rebecca Burch Mahar Hall #13 3463 Mahar Hall 404
Mangala Nanthakumar Shineman Center #8 2872 Shineman Center G83B
Tim Nekritz Culkin Hall #26 2265 Culkin Hall 204B
Erin Nipper Pathfinder Hall #31 5555 Pathfinder Hall 108
Sean Pinkerton Laker Hall #19 2404 Laker Hall 205
Traci Terpening Tyler Hall #7 2111 Tyler Hall 233A
Michelle Turner Park & Wilber Halls and Major Projects #2 / #9 3323 Park Hall 303B

2021-2022 SEFA Planning Committee

Main committee contact:

Name Email Address Phone #
Mallory Bower x3068
Reginald Braggs x2213
Mark Digby x3053
Angela Galvin  x2222
Bob Hageny x6519
Kristen Haynes x6678
Christy Huynh  x5483
Cathy Johnston  x2290
Tara Allen Magner  x2535
Tim Nekritz  x2265
Mary Ann Perry  x2213
Michelle Sloan  x5483
Michelle Turner 

Chairs of the SEFA Committee

Angela Galvin:

Reginald Braggs:

SEFA Committee

Office of the President 

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