At President Stanley’s direction, the strategic planning effort began in spring 2006 with her appointment of a widely representative and experienced team to begin a new institutional planning initiative to result in a sesquicentennial planning document for SUNY Oswego.

Over the past year, the 30 members of the Strategic Planning Advisory Board, with the thoughtful input of constituents from across the college community, conducted a thorough, highly consultative and far-reaching analysis of our institutional purpose, priorities, needs and aspirations.

Following the analysis, the advisory board developed strategic direction and goal statements that describe the impact the college aspires to have on identified opportunities and how to achieve it. Our strategic directions take into account external, unforeseen changes and will clearly serve to guide the college into a defined future. We believe the plan realistically captures our potential for greatness as a nationally and internationally recognized comprehensive college of distinction.

Our work to build a stronger, more prestigious institution is not over. The hard work of implementation lies ahead. Bringing the plan to life will require detailed action plans and the same good will and imagination that characterized the planning process. For each strategic direction we will identify the significant tasks that must be accomplished, as well as individuals, groups and departments responsible for implementing each task. We will also identify a time frame to achieve our goals and a means of monitoring and evaluating progress.

As we move forward through the planning process we remain a community inspired by the concept of learner centeredness and committed to advancing the college’s reputation as a major leader in higher education. Engaging Challenge articulates our proactive vision and describes a culture of momentum that will drive the college to the next level and help us reach our ambitious aspirations for the future.