College Council Meeting Minutes - February 25, 2022

College Council Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2022
Held via Zoom Video Conference

Darlene Baker 
Takayla Beckon, Student Association President
Saleem Cheeks
Richard Farfaglia
Jim McMahon, Chair
Kristin Shanley-Graves, Esq

Brian McGrath, Esq., Excused

Mary Toale, Officer in Charge
Reginald Braggs, Interim Executive to the President and Affirmative Action Officer
Helena Buttons, Student, SHOP Coordinator
Mary Canale, Vice President for Development and Alumni Engagement
Kendra Cadogan, Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Kristi Eck, Chief of Staff, Executive Director of Strategic Planning & Project Development
Scott Furlong, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Victoria Furlong, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Jennifer Janes, Oswego Alumni Association
Kathleen Kerr, Vice President for Student Affairs
Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt, Professor of Economics, Faculty Assembly Chair
Crystal Wyman, Confidential Assistant to the President
Wayne Westervelt, Chief Communication Officer

1. Welcome and call to order: College Council Chair, James McMahon called the meeting to order via Zoom Video Conference at 10:04 a.m.

2. Approval of minutes of Previous Meeting: James McMahon asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the October 1, 2021 meeting. All were in favor. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the Council.

3. Students Helping Oz Peers (SHOP) report: Helena Buttons, the SHOP coordinator, reported on the student-led organization overseen by Elizabeth Droz with additional support by the Dean of Students office. The organization is also run by Camryn Witkowski (Volunteer Management Intern), Graphic Designer (Ryn Nabrizny), and Lucia Lombardi (Graduate Assistant). They have over 100 volunteers, with operations averaging 500 hours per semester. Users of SHOP have tripled since last year; 232 unique users since 9/6/2021; 18% off campus users, 66% on campus users, 16% unknown. COM 490 classes are also using SHOP for their service learning.

What’s next for SHOP? CELT workshop, Spring Break Baskets, March Madness Bottle and Can Drive, Hello, SHOP-Peer Educator Volunteer Hours and Users, and On Campus Internship Expo.

4. Alumni Report: Jennifer Janes reported that SUNY Oswego had nine alumni volunteers supporting the admissions enrollment marketing efforts this spring. The alumni volunteers are speaking with prospective students, as well as guidance counselors at area high schools. Also have secured four alumni to offer letters to share their experiences with accepted students.

Alumni is working with Enrollment, and Communications and Marketing to feature additional 16-20 successful alumni in various marketing efforts including: billboards, digital ads, and video spots.

In January 2022, the college launched its Imagine 2022 program—a 3-week program that delivered live and on demand professional development, content, and workshops. Imagine 2022 had a total of 180 unique participants and over 500 views on YouTube recordings.

Our in-person Reunion celebration will be held June 9-12 for the Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022. Traditional in-person programming returning this year includes the Commencement Eve Dinner and the Torchlight Ceremony. SUNY Oswego’s Winter 2022 Alumni Magazine features “the Stanley Years.”

5. Faculty Report: Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt reported that the Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC) approved 31 new courses and 2 program updates. The Graduate Council approved a new master’s program; the Higher Ed master’s program is for students interested in exploring higher education leadership. Schmitt added that General Education changes coming through SUNY will be applied in the fall 2023. Juneteenth is now an official recognized holiday, and there will be no class on this day during the summer sessions.

Schmitt reported out on the recent work of the Task Force on Evaluating Assessment Practices (or the Assessment Task Force (ATF), which was constituted by the Faculty Assembly (FA) of SUNY Oswego as part of the process of reflection on our program and general education assessment processes within the college. The work of the ATF is appropriately timed to coincide with the upcoming visit of the MSCHE in March of 2022. Keeping this in mind, we established a liaison with the Standard V subcommittee of the MSCHE self-study group in order to collaborate on assessment as needed.

Upcoming business: Faculty are preparing for the upcoming Middle States visit. FA will be meeting with Kathleen Kerr in an upcoming meeting to discuss collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs. Election of new Faculty Assembly Chair will take place in April.

6. Student Association: Student Association President Takayla Beckon reported on the recent work
conducted by the Student Association. She spoke about Gabriele Candela who passed a new student organization registration process. Gabrielle Golfo co-led the Know Your Rights Campaign, Sexual Health Products Vending Machine, Advocating for POC Hair Care Products. They instituted Campus Cuts for diverse and regular cuts in collaboration with Stephen McAfee in Auxiliary Services. Students collaborated with the Division of Student Affairs for the flags for International nations to go back up and to create a mural for the indigenous people where students, faculty, staff will have a hand in creating but ultimately will be created by the indigenous people. Arlene De La Mercedez Cruz (Director of Health and Safety) received a mental health grant to light up the lake/campus, inspired by Lights on the Lake, and light up the dark spots on campus. Nicole Rose (Director of Sustainability) wants to educate others about the connection of the indigenous people and would like to make Earth Day a big deal on campus. Aiden Burns (Director of Student Association Programming Board) already has artists for OZfest lined up, and they are planning a reveal party to announce the details. SA is also
reviewing and revising the Bylaws as they are entering elections season.

7. President’s Remarks, Campus Update: (PowerPoint presentation shared.)

Officer in Charge Mary C. Toale began her report by commending the faculty for their work this past year. It has been an incredibly busy year for faculty and all employees of the college. She introduced Kendra N. Cadogan as Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Interim Director of the Institute; Reginald T. Braggs as Interim Executive to the President and Affirmative Action Officer; Joel Wincowski as Interim Executive Director of Enrollment Management; and Rodrick Andrews as Director of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Toale provided a comprehensive update to members of the College Council that included detailed information on the following topics: SUNY Oswego Budget 2021-2022; NYS Budget 2022-2023; Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF); Enrollment; Campus Initiatives & Updates including the Middle States Self-Study; Oswego College Foundation; and Capital Updates.

8. Old Business: No old business was discussed.

9. New Business: McMahon proposed to pass a resolution to honor long-standing College Council member Michael Goldych, who passed away on December 7, 2021. All were in favor. 

Motion to adjourn was made by McMahon and approved by all at 11:37 a.m.