College Council meeting minutes for Dec. 11, 2020

PRESENT:                                                                    ABSENT:
Saleem Cheeks                                                           Darlene Baker, Excused
Richard Farfaglia                                                        Kristin Shanley-Graves, Esq, Excused
Michael Goldych
Brian McGrath, Esq.
Jim McMahon, Chair
Lizeth Ortega Ramirez (student), SA President
Jennifer Janes, Oswego Alumni Association

Deborah F. Stanley, President
Scott Furlong, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jerri Howland, Vice President for Students Affairs and Dean of Students
Nick Lyons, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Mary Canale, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Pamela Caraccioli, Deputy to the President for External Partnerships and Economic Development
Ebony Dixon, Executive Director of Enrollment Management
Kristi Eck, Chief of Staff
Rodmon King, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Ellen McCloskey, Confidential Assistant to the President
Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt, Professor of Economics, Faculty Assembly Chair
Mary Toale, Executive Assistant to the President
Wayne Westervelt, Chief Communication Officer

1.  Welcome and call to order:  College Council Chair, James McMahon called the meeting to order via Zoom Video Conference at 10:34 am.

2.  Approval of minutes of July 27, 2020 Meeting:  James McMahon asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the July 27, 2020 meeting.  Brian McGrath made the motion.  All were in favor.  The minutes of the July 27, 2020 meeting were approved by the Council. 

3.  Alumni Report:  Jennifer Janes reported out to the Council sharing the many ways SUNY Oswego has been creating opportunities to engage alumni with students.  The Alumni Association has also continued efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in its programming, and established a fund to support these initiatives.  Janes also shared that alumni continued to support admissions and enrollment management efforts this fall. 

4.  Faculty Report: Professor Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt provided an update on the recent work of the Faculty Assembly (FA).  She shared that FA approved a land acknowledgement statement that is read before all faculty assembly meetings and will be acknowledged at all major college events and official ceremonies at SUNY Oswego in the future. Schmitt reported that one of the two biggest policy changes of the semester was the creation of a new general education category: Diversity, Identity and Social Justice in the United States.  This category will be a requirement beginning in the 2022-2023 academic year, and an optional category in the 2021-2022 academic year. FA also approved learning outcomes for this category.  In addition, FA approved an expanded pass/fail option for students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

5.  Student Association Report:  SA President Lizeth Ortega Ramirez reported that SA has been on top of everyday operations with membership holding steady and programming increasing with the quick shift to virtual modality. She highlighted the following efforts: Juneteenth demonstration; #BLM programs; Diversity General Education Town Hall; Vote Oswego civic engagement; sustainability and community outreach.  Ortega Ramirez also shared legislation that the SA focused on this past semester: (1) Where We Stand Act, (2)  Revolutionize My Curriculum Act, and (3) Pass and Fail Resolution.  Looking forward to 2021, she stressed that the SA will be looking at implementing diversity training for all its members.

6.  President’s Remarks, Campus Update:  President Stanley provide a comprehensive update to members of the College Council that included detailed information on the following topics: Oswego Forward Plan; COVID-19 testing; the CARES Act and its impact on SUNY Oswego; financial and capital plan updates; enrollment review including newly implemented virtual student recruitment efforts; Oswego College Foundation update; distinguished rankings the College has earned; and initiatives such as the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Self Study, Imagine 2021, the General Education revision, and the upcoming virtual Commencement 2020 ceremony.

7.  Old Business:  No old business was discussed.

8.  New Business:  Council Chair McMahon made a motion to commend SUNY Oswego’s Faculty Assembly and the Student Association for their work this semester.  They have really advanced the campus amidst our fight against COVID-19, and rightfully pressed forward on key diversity, inclusion and social justice issues.  Brian McGrath seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Motion to adjourn was made by Brian McGrath and approved by all at 12:26 p.m.